Best 16-inch bike with training wheels: [Top 6 Picks In 2021]

Buying the first bike means you are buying the first ride for your kid. A training wheel definitely eases the process of learning. But you need to figure out to invest in the best 16-inch bike with training wheels.

They come with a versatile design with many colors, with or without a cup holder, different brakes types, and many more.

After researching plenty of them, now we can help you to make a decision. Here we will give you a broad discussion on a few great bikes and how they turn out great and why.

Here are our top recommended 16-inch bike with training wheels:

  1. Best Overall: RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle
  2. Best with Coaster Brake: JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike with Training Wheels
  3. Best with V-Brake: Dripex 16 Inch Kids Bike with Training Wheels
  4. Best Budget: Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike
  5. Best Bike-Style: 16″ Moto Yamaha Bike Bicycle
  6. Best for Girls: Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids

What Does A 16-inch Bike Mean?

A 16-inch bike means a bike that comes with training wheels for maintaining kid’s balance and avoids accidents. The 16-inch is just a number and it measures the wheel size. Normally kids and their ages between 5 to 6 are the best suited for experiencing such 16-inch bikes.

Riding such bikes is the safest but slowest method but it is fit for riding on flat surfaces. A kid may easily get the skill of how to paddle the bike, step his foot alongside the paddle. Besides, riding and practicing allow them to know how to keep balance without training wheels. As a result, it will eventually help them to ride without additional wheels.

Best 16 Inch Bike With Training Wheels

1. Best Overall: RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle

The royal baby bike comes with a solid weld, the finish was perfect, bright in different colors, and packed with 95% assembling. The key components are a steel frame, pneumatic knobby, and one-piece crank, making it standout and best-overall pick for you.

Once it comes to you, a simple tip would help you before starting off. You may flip the bike and get to see the front caliper brakes. The fine-tuning of them will help the beginner rider. The right adjustment of the front brake will avoid the rubbing against the tire, making the rider balanced while paddling.

If we delve into the features of this amazing bike, we find the increased stability of it during riding and the safety of your kids. Therefore, it comes with the anti-slip resin pedal for smooth and safe throttle forward. The tires are wide enough up to 2.4″ and thus traction is good on the surface. Inside the wheel, the ball bearing functionality seems smooth with every rotation. Finally, the frame is reinforced with a steel tube frame, making it sturdy and steady.

Riding at the first time won’t bother your kid if you assemble the paddles slightly lower from the seat and adjust with the rider inseam height accordingly. However, the downside you may face is with the cup holder because that might hit the seat while riding. Thankfully, there is a way to fix it for that, you will bend the cup holder a bit back from the seat.

👍 Pros:
  • The dual braking system offers double safety
  • Kids friendly ergonomic unique seat allows quick release
  • Cup holder underneath the seat
  • Chain Guard ensures more safety while riding
👎 Cons:
  • The only downside with this little bike is with the pedals like they may keep spinning off after certain days of riding. However, an ordinary wrench would be fine to tighten the components regularly, and it will keep your kid safe for riding.

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Summary: Royelbaby is the best deal since it offers amazing pricing within all available features which you are looking for. It has variable vivid colors, easy to put together all parts, and safe and sound as a bike with training wheels. Lower-end bikes have a lot of issues and it escapes them all.

2. Best with Coaster Brake: JOYSTAR Totem Kids Bike with Training Wheels

Joystar introduces the kid’s bike with some great features and we find out having the coaster brake stands out from others. If you want a single speed coaster brake simply operated by pedals, then this is the right choice for you. This kind of braking system allows your kid to stop the bike by back paddling in no time.

It comes with 5 available bright colors and has the perfect size of 16″ training wheels. Therefore, your kid will have perfect footing and face almost no trouble while riding. Your son or daughter will love to have such a bike since the training wheels support them to master on two wheels after practicing.

The frame seems pretty sturdy with a steel alloy, making it a high tensile frame indeed. You need to assemble the training wheel, seat, and handlebars which are easy with simple tools. Another thing that comes with parent assistance is the saddle handle which you may easily adjust to the inseam measurement.

👍 Pros:
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Easy to put custom names from stickers
  • Quick assembling with helpful instructions
  • Affordable with all available features
👎 Cons:
  • While installing pedals you may face a little trouble like the pedals may be threaded by twisting in the left direction instead of right. No worries, it is not due to the defective pedal. Once you are facing such an issue then twist it in the opposite direction.

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Summary: JOYSTAR is a great bike with the maximum features you want to see in any kid’s bike. Among many features, the coaster brake standout mostly which ensures extra braking from the back paddling, and your kid will love it.

3. Best with V-Brake: Dripex 16 Inch Kids Bike with Training Wheels

Dripex comes with the right pieces of V-brakes which are lightweight, adjustable, easy to fit, and affordable enough. If you believe having the V-brake will make the deal cheaper and suitable for your kid, then purchase it right away!

When it comes to you, then you will find the great ease of assembling since it would have a 95% pre-assembled order. The main components of it are the lightweight frames made of steel along with a 1-piece crank and ball bearing drive shaft.

The training wheels are durable and easy to put together. Moreover, putting the extra rubber across its circumference making it robust and noise-free. The high-carbon steel wheels also seem durable with the rubber tires. Because the rubber is thick enough and the wheels have an inflatable inner tube. As a result, the ride would be safe and your kid will easily overcome any tough trails.

👍 Pros:
  • EVA foam tires required low maintenance
  • Takes 20 minutes to assembly
  • Adjustable seat with quick release clamp
  • Extra traction on wheels and run smoothly
👎 Cons:
  • No spot to hold the water bottle & the paint scratch out easily after a year

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Summary: Dripex makes sure to provide safety in an affordable budget. For example, if you push the cycle forward the pedals won’t move itself which is why it safeguard your kid from injury. The V-brake functionalities are for rear and front both with short grip, which easily stops the bike.

4. Best Budget: Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

A BMX dirt bike comes with training wheels for your son and this is what you are expecting. Well, Dynacraft Magna introduces this fun bike with coaster brakes, a BMX frame, and coordinating with black grips. Therefore, it is a complete package as a dirt bike.

The main reason why you may consider is pricing. Well, when it comes to finding the difference between the cost and brands, you will get nothing special. Here is why many parents opt for the affordable price in exchange for this dirt bike for kids.

It is a BMX edition bike so the rims are made of steel, making it extra durable on the bumpy ways. The training wheels are either removable or adjustable according to your kid preference. Without these wheels, your kid will experience amazing dirt biking indeed.

This bike seems durable since it weighs your kid up to 81 lbs. The frame and fork both have a 1-year warranty so no worry if it wears out during this timeline. The tires have gotten extra traction compared to the regular kid’s bike, allowing the bike to ride on pavements.

👍 Pros:
  • Fully functional dirt bike
  • Allow safety on uneven pavement
  • Adjustable seat
  • Coaster brake stops the bike in no time
👎 Cons:
  • Takes more time and effort for assembling.

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Summary: There are a lot of Bmx kid’s bikes out there but it offers affordable pricing in lieu of everything you want to see in a BMX training bike on average. For example, this flashy bike comes with adjustable seat & training wheels, perfect gripping, and coaster brake.

5. Best Bike-Style: 16″ Moto Yamaha Bike Bicycle

If you are looking for the unique design of bike then Moto Yamaha would be the top pick for your kid. It is a top-notch good looking kid bike with its motocross-style fenders. This appealing saddle seat not only brings the style but also ensures comfort.

The amazing design standout from many choices because you won’t get to see the steel oversized frame along with the steel handlebar. Besides, the tires are knobby and rims are more sturdy. By the way, in terms of gearing there is nothing extraordinary and you will find the normal single speed bike with the front & coaster brakes.

One of the main reasons why your kid loves it is because of the Yamaha authentic graphics. The blue level of color is so bright and won’t scratch out easily. Later on, the steel frame is from Yamaha that is enough to describe how sturdy it would be and last for years. The handlebars are a bit wide since it is a boyes bike and made of steel frame as well.

👍 Pros:
  • Amazing Design with Yamaha graphics
  • Fenders saddle is stable & comfortable
  • Easy to learn the ride with training wheels
  • Kid can ride it as a dirt bike
👎 Cons:
  • The assembling part is a bit tricky and it takes time.

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Summary: Your kid loves fun and when he will get to see his fun ride looks amazing and somewhat better then the next door boy, then his heart will be filled with joy. If you want to give your kid the best ride with Yamaha design and innovation here you may go. Besides, it is safe and stable to learn a new ride with or without training wheels.

6. Best for Girls: Schwinn Elm Girls Bike for Toddlers and Kids

Young girls have their unique shape of hip and way of learning the ride. Schwinn introduces this bike that fits the most accordingly the inseam measurement. Moreover, it stands out from many bikes in terms of having a lighter frame and a narrower paddle position.

The geometry of Schwinn SmartStart bikes is for making the ride more comfortable, easy to paddle up, and sit in a perfect position. Besides, it will boost your daughter confidence since she won’t wobble much. The grip of handlebars are closer and match with the smaller hands.

The weight of the bike is the biggest noticeable factor allowing your girl to ride on the sideways with or without a training wheel. The acceleration seems great during paddling with the right set of cranks. Moreover, it gives your daughter an upright posture along with a comfortable cushioned seat.

👍 Pros:
  • Decent girly bike with budget friendly price
  • Cute designs and colorful
  • Ensure to have comfortable upright position
  • Amazing lightweight frames
👎 Cons:
  • During assembling you need to tweak the hand brake.

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Summary: Schwinn Elm bike has a good value for money. If you want your girl to learn how to balance a bike it will add confidence to her with the comfortable ride. The cute basket, beautiful basket and riding towards the pavement at top speed are the main reasons to buy it.

What To Consider Before Buying 16 Inch Bike With Training Wheels?

Before your kid headstart with riding a 16-inch bike, you need to consider some important factors first. Well, there are a number of important factors which you may not overlook, so let’s see what are they below:

Inseam Measurement

One of the most important factors to look for is the right inseam measurement alongside the length of a bike seat to the surface.

If it’s about the 16-inch bike to purchase then make sure your kid inseam measurement would be at least 18-inch from the crouch to the floor.

Frame Materials

Durable frame materials are a key concern while buying any type of bike regardless of any age particularly. Here is why, if you look for your kid’s safety then we recommend a bike that frame materials come with either aluminum or steel.

Between these two types of material, there lies an advantage. The advantage goes with the aluminum frame because it is the lighter version of the two.


We have already told you the lighter frame is better. Furthermore, to add a gist on it the overall bike’s weight won’t exceed 30% more than the rider’s weight. The ratio of weight between the rider and the bike itself plays a vital role in maneuvering the bike.

Gearing Choice

When it comes to buying the 16″ kid bikes, keep the gear as simple as possible. Because it allows your kid to focus more on paddling and to learn the new skill of riding.

Furthermore, when your kid won’t ride the bike on uneven or muddy surfaces then a single gearing system would be great.

Braking Options

There you will find two braking options the coaster types are the best for your kid. It allows your kid to learn different aspects of braking. The front and rear caliper based braking system of Coaster type is the most suitable one. However, this is expensive too with these dual braking options. So, if you want to have an affordable one the front braking with no rear caliper fits for you.


Can you put training wheels on a 16-inch bike?

Training wheels usually come in different sizes & shapes so that you can easily install them on your bike. The sizes include 12 inches, 16 inches, 20 inches, and 24 inches. That being said, if you install a wheel according to your bike’s size, it may give you a smooth ride. That means you can put a 16 inches training wheel on a 16-inch bike.

What age is a 16-inch wheel bike for?

Selecting bikes for kids depends on three parameters: wheel size, height & inside leg. Considering the above-mentioned parameters, experts suggest the age range between 4-6 years for a 16-inch wheel bike.

Is a 16-inch bike suitable for a 5-year-old?

If the child’s height ranges between 3’2″-4’0″, then a 16inches bike will be suitable for a 5-year-old kid. However, you may tweak the clamp of the saddle to the default position, it may allow your kid to ride.


The first bike for learning the ride is a memory for your kid. Hopefully you have already sorted out which would be the best 16-inch bike with training wheels. If you believe your kid will grow up in next year, then choose a bike with the adjusted saddle to go the upright position. We brought you such bikes that turn out durable, comfortable and safe to ride. Now, you make a move to see which fits the most to your kid.