Best Beach Cruiser Bikes with Gears: Top 5 Picks In 2021!

Can you guess what was the inspiration behind the early mountain bike designs? Well, the thing that we are about to discuss today, cruiser bikes. Even with the nearly opposite uses, these both had a past connection that people today may not be aware of. In the ‘3os to ’50s, people were head over heel for riding cruiser bikes.

Cruiser bikes are way sturdier, less agile, and also good at flat areas. Let’s have a look at 5 of the Best beach cruiser bikes with gears of 2020 that you should know about if you’re planning to get one.

Best Beach Cruiser Bikes with Gears:

Let’s keep things simple and start fresh with the complete reviews of our today’s 5 recommendations.

1. Sixthreezero 21-Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle- Women’s Comfort Riding Bike to Try Out

If you want the best beach cruiser bikes with gears for women, then the Sixthreezero 21-speed cruiser is a great option. It on top has a cozy draft that allows you to ride all day with no fatigue.

This bike as well comes with a dual-spring saddle that allows you to find more ease when riding for a long while. It on top makes sure you are riding fast and stable without feeling back pain or leg stains. This seat is also cushioned to give extra reassure when riding.

In addition to that, this beach cruiser bike comes with a comfy handlebar that makes sure good steering when riding in rough terrain. It also makes sure you are getting good handling and control with better grips.

On top of that, this bike comes with front and rear handbrakes that make sure the fastest stopping force the moment you hit the knob. It as well allows you to lower the chances of getting engage in accidents or mishaps.

This bike on top comes with strong aluminum wheels with a big waffle tread tires that make sure smoother riding in any rough terrains. It also allows easy-rolling speed with no trouble of puncture to ride cushioned.

On the whole, this bike is an ideal pick for riders who want a solid, safer, and fun riding cruiser partner for daily rides. It is also worth trying out if you want an easy upright riding geometry.

👍 Pros:
  • It comes with an adjustable seat to sit cozily.
  • This bike has a back rack that ensures added storage.
  • Great option for female riders.
  • It is good for 5-6 feet tall riders.
  • This bike has a 17 inches frame.
👎 Cons:
  • It takes more time to assemble.

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2. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney 3-Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bike- Sleek & Modern Cycle for the Money

The Sixthreezero EVRYjourney 3-Speed is one of the best beach cruiser bikes rating for the value. It on top has a sleek and stylish design that makes sure good looks at a reasonable cost.

Made out of a strong aluminum city frame, this bike tends to last for a good while. It on top allows you to never fear of rust, corrosion or wearing out snags even when riding on the rain. The frame on top makes sure the color never fades away easily.

Want to know the coolest part? This cruiser bike on top comes with a quality pair of pedals that allow you to get smoother pedaling in any ground. It as well allows you to ride faster and stable with no snag of slippage or tripping. The pedals also have reflective strips.

This bike on top comes with a brown saddle made out of synthetic leather that ensures a comfortable feel when riding. It on top has classic stitching that makes the surface look like a classy bougie.

But wait, there is more. This bike comes with a Shimano 7-speed external derailleur that makes sure a wide range of gears to handle riding speed. It also allows adjustable options based on terrains.

In short, it is one of the best beach cruiser bikes for women who want a cycle for 5 to 6 feet heights. You are free to try this out if you want a light and good function cruiser bike.

👍 Pros:
  • It is light and comfortable for riding well.
  • Great pick for the money.
  • It is ideal for short and average height riders.
  • The assemble guide is easy to read.
  • It is good for commuting or touring.
👎 Cons:
  • Some people find the quality weird.

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3. Firmstrong Urban Man Single-Speed Beach Cruiser Bike- Ride in Any Weather with This One

Apart from being the handsome choice, the Urban Man Single-Speed is one of the best beach cruiser bikes with gears for men. It also allows you to ride in any weather with no rust or peel.

And, we are not through yet. This cruiser bike comes with 26 inches aluminum wheels that make sure fast roll-ups on the tough trails at ease. It also allows you to have a better power to ride stable with no snag of impact or vibrations.

No wonder of this bike goodness as it has white ball balloon tires that make sure good riding feels for any skilled riders. The tires also made with a cushioned tread that resists puncture sang at ease.

On top, this cruiser bike comes with easy handling coaster brakes that allow you to never fear accidents. It on top allows you to have the reactive stopping power to end the ride with one click on the handbrakes. The brakes also allow instead to stop for a safe ride.

This bike on top comes with wide handlebars that make sure good control when riding to navigate. It also makes sure you are riding comfortably with no snag of bad steering. The handlebars also allow good maneuver.

Overall, this bike is a big deal for riders who want a 3 to 15 MPH speed to ride outside the road in casual style. It is also great trying out for you to have a free saddle & color-matched fenders.

👍 Pros:
  • For the quality, it is hard to beat.
  • This bike comes with 3-speed gears to ride fast.
  • It comes with 25.4 inches headset.
  • The bike has a 120L chain to pedal smoothly.
  • It comes with limited warranty service.
👎 Cons:
  • Sadly, this bike seat is not stiffer than Firmstrong.

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4. Kent Oakwood Men’s Cruiser Bike- Light-Weighted Cycle to Ride Smoothly

Another pick of our list is the Oakwood cruiser bike that has a light and handy design to ride smoothly on any trails. It also has a good weight limit that carries up to 320 lbs. loads at ease.

With the 7-Speed gear, this cruiser bike makes sure faster-riding speed in any trails with modifiable options. It on top allows you to enjoy any riding style by adjusting the speed depending on the road conditions.

This cruiser bike as well comes with an enclosed chain cover that allows your pedaling to respond faster in less pressure. It also allows the bike chain to never get in contact with water, dirt, or mud that make it last longer.

On top of that, this bike comes with solid handlebar grips with tread patterns that ensure you to ride in comfort with no tripping snag. It also allows you to ride better or hold the handlebar firmly with no snag of losing your balance.

This cruiser bike on top comes with a quick-release seat post clamp that makes sure fine adjustments to tune your finest sit. It also comes with a reflective light that ensures good visibility at the night.

To sum it up, this bike is one of the best beach cruiser bikes for men who want a durable option for long-term use. It is also worth trying if you want a cruiser bike at a fine price point.

👍 Pros:
  • It comes with 320 lbs. weight limits.
  • This bike has gorgeous colors to ensure good looks.
  • Great option for male riders.
  • This bike has a good pair of pedals.
  • It makes sure cozy riding feels.
👎 Cons:
  • Not good for short riders.

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5. Huffy 26″ Panama Jack Beach Cruiser Bike- Get Rolling Momentum with This One

The 26″ Panama Jack cruiser bike from Huffy brand has a light frame made out of aluminum that ensures rolling energy. It also makes sure great speed and rushing to ride fast and furious.

Unlike most bikes, it comes with a stylish look and design that is good for ages 13 and up with at least 5 feet height. This beach cruiser bike on top allows a comfortable riding feel with no trouble.

This brand on top comes with 10 years of quality assurance that makes sure you are getting decent replacement benefits. They on top allow their buyers to get both restore and repair benefits if the frame is in defects. Also, client service is good for solving issues.

With light linear-pull brakes, this bike tends to make sure a reactive stopping power for you to finish the ride easily. It on top allows you to give extra safety for riding in any path with no trouble.

This bike as well comes with a micro-shift twist shifter that makes sure you to ride fast and steady in the hillside with smooth navigate. It on top allows you to get 6-speed gears to tune the ride at ease.

In general, this bike is a great pick for beachside, next to neighbors, and park riding options. It is also fine trying if you want a solid cruiser bike for spending your leisure in a good way.

👍 Pros:
  • This brand offers a limited warranty service.
  • It has a solid frame and tires to ride cozily.
  • The price of this cruiser bike is reasonable.
  • It has a rigid suspension to ride stable.
  • This bike has a soda bottle opener to enjoy drinks.
👎 Cons:
  • Unfortunately, it is heavy in weight.

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Considerations for the Best Beach Cruiser Bikes with Gears.

Knowing the given aspects will help you pick the beach cruiser bikes with fine gears when in the market. So, check them out for happy shopping:

Check the Brake System

Mostly, the cruiser bikes have 2 types of brake support such as front & back braking and coaster alternative. With front & back braking, the cruiser bikes tend to stop faster and precisely that ensure strong safety.

And, you will find a better handling feel and traditional style riding comfort with the coaster braking on cruiser bikes. Coaster braking is also easy to sustain.

Don’t Forget About the Price

Another big factor that you want to consider when choosing cruiser bikes is the price point based on quality. You definitely don’t want a low-quality cruiser bike at cheap prices or a high-quality option at expensive ranges.

So, be in the balance to get the right beach cruiser bike. Try to go with a cruiser bike that has good quality at a reasonable price.

Consider the Comfort

The comfort of riding a cruiser bike is a must when heading to the beachside. If the beach cruiser bike isn’t comfortable to ride, you probably give up on it after some time. So, it would be a waste of both money and energy.

For that reason, you want to check the bike additional features to ensure good comfort and ease of usage.

Think of the Tires

The tires are a big fact that makes sure a strong riding comfort on cruiser bikes. You want to make sure the bike tire is at least 26 inches and contain good width to ride on any trails easily.

Also, check the tread pattern and material of cruiser bike tires to make sure no puncture when riding on a rocky path.

Verify the Bike Material

Most of beach cruiser bikes materials are usually made of steel, aluminum, and metal alloy. The material of beach cruiser bike makes sure strong and durable maintenance to get rid of rust, corrosion, or wear out. So, make sure to go with a beach cruiser bike that has a sturdy frame.

Why You May Really Need a Beach Cruiser Bike?

When it comes to biking peacefully next to beach sides, the beach cruiser bikes are like the best partner. With zero special skills, you still be able to ride the cruiser bikes by following your heart and destination. Sensibly, anyone is able to ride them for a good while.

Unlike other alternatives, the beach cruiser bikes are fine for you to feel every type of rides from the roadside long trek to neighborhood short rides. They are on top great for a relaxed beachside and park dirt trails ride.

With a good range of genres and types, the cruiser bike makes sure great functions, comforts, and looks. They on top allow you to have a better-oriented style and adjustable options for riding better on most trails. But the cruiser bikes are not good for weight loss or workouts.

Yet, they are super fine for giving you a cozy, relaxed, and laid-back riding ease to feel the outside scenery and air. The cruiser bikes are on top great for riding in your free time while enjoying the outer beauty of your surroundings. And, they have good setups for lenient rides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do beach cruiser bikes have gears?

Most of the time all beach cruiser bikes tend to have 1 gear setup. Depending on other beach cruiser bikes designs and systems, they can even have 3 to 7-speed gears to accelerate and increase riding pace. The gears on beach cruiser bikes also help to adjust speed high to low.

What is the weight limit of beach cruiser bikes?

The weight of most beach cruiser bikes is not more than 200 to 260 lbs. In fact, the beach cruiser bike weight limit allows you to ride well by holding intense loads easily.

Can I touch the ground on beach cruiser bikes?

If you tend to have a shorter or average height, then you are able to touch the ground on beach cruiser bikes. Usually, riding with beach cruiser bikes to touch the ground is good if the height is close to 5 feet.

Is a beach cruiser bike easy to ride?

Yes, the beach cruiser bike is easy to ride. You are able to ride strongly in any terrain with a smoother and cozy feel with the beach cruiser bike. Also, it is a great option for beginners and expert riders.


Now the search for the Best beach cruiser bikes with gears should be easier for you after this prolonged discussion. We really hope so! When picking your ideal cruiser bike, make sure you pay attention to the key factors of choice making. Also, add any factor that might play an important role for your personal preference. And at the end of the day, you’ll be hanging out with your perfectly suitable cruiser bike.