7 Best Shoes for Gravel Bike Riding : Find Your Perfect Fit!

Want to gravel riding but don’t have proper gravel road compatible shoes? Than don’t worry, you’re in the right place.

To cover up the issue, we described and listed here the top 7 best gravel cycling shoes that will hopefully fill your thirst and feels you a happy journey.

Best Shoes for Gravel Bike

Want to give your feet the most excellent shoes available for impressing people? If so, we have selected the top 7 picks (all of them available on Amazon) that have high quality, perfect value and good performance to deal with. Take some chips and start reading to the bottom:

If you’re in a hurry then see this quick list of top 7  best shoes for gravel bike:

  1. Louis Garneau bike Shoes: Best Shoes for Gravel Bike (My Choices For Men)
  2. Giro Cylinder Shoes – A Tough & Durable Shoes for Gravel Lovers
  3. SHIMANO SH-XC5 – Perfect Shoe For Comfort & High-traction
  4. Giro Cycling Shoes– High-Quality Men’s Shoes For Gravel Ride
  5. SHIMANO SH-XM7 Shoe– A Stylish, Comfortable Gravel Riding Shoe
  6. Mavic Crossmax Elite – Great Gravel Shoe for Seasonal Riders
  7. Giro Privateer R Shoes– A Trendy Gravel Riding Shoes on Budget

1. Louis Garneau bike Shoes: Easily Fitted Bike Shoes for Gravel Bike

Louis Garneau  Gravel bike shoes come with some significant features that make it the authentic shoes ever! It is mainly for those who love mountain riding. The Gravel MTB shoes are of 365 g weight, which is not that heavy. The cleats fit all the major MTB pedals. And has the reflective heel that is visible in low light.

The shoes have three hook and loop closure straps that make a smooth adjustment during riding, and the offset is for supporting the heels   The HRS-80 retention helps to hold the feet firmly in place and also reduces power loss.  If you ride all day long, it will give you the most comfortable riding.

The synthetic leather on the upper side makes the shoes look classy. It also has an ergo grip outsole with removable studs that provide the most excellent traction and can effectively clear mud.

  • Easy to walk without damaging the cleat
  • Fairly well ventilated
  • Easily fit on foot and comfortable to ride in
  • No pain in feet or ankle
  • The toe box of the shoes is very roomy
  • Comes with an installed cleat plate
  • Sometimes run small, so buy the larger one than your size

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2. Giro Cylinder Shoes – A Tough & Durable Shoes for Gravel Lovers

Are you looking for the best gravel riding shoes? If so, then we should suggest the Giro brand cycling shoes. They provide strong outsoles shoes for all bikers to use lifelong.

Also, it has an amazing BOA inferior-volume strap for maintaining better fitting. Besides, the BOA strap is located on the left side with macro release to retention of the fitting.

But wait there’s more, it comes with three different colors to match with bike color for a perfect kill. However, we like the black color shoe as it matches well with any bike colors.

Overall, they have great quality and good price points for bike-lovers to get their desirable shoes. It has die-cut soles that provide good terrain support for durability and performance.

  • Simple to wear.
  • The shoes are very comfortable.
  • Has a decent price point.
  • A durable and strong shoe.
  • Offers 3 different colors.
  • It requires one size larger to fit.

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3. SHIMANO SH-XC5 – Perfect Shoe For Comfort & High-traction

If you’ve searched online for gravel bike shoes, you might be familiar with the SHIMANO SH-XC5 shoe. They offer ideal features that assure comfort and good grip on most bikes.

No wonder, it is light in weight and constructed with rigid carbon fiber midsole that assures durability. Plus, the brand offers 7 different colors choice for users to get desire one.

These are just a few, it provides safety with their anti-slip outsoles design for avoiding losing balance on wet, damp or watery areas. Plus, they give better terrain support on wet surfaces. Besides, it helps avoid mud, dirt or muck.

Overall, it has good features and quality for users to enjoy biking with no fear. The product has mini power strap, mud-shedding thread and lithe synthetic leather for a perfect fit.

  • This shoe is comfortable.
  • Offers great quality.
  • It offers different colors.
  • The anti-slip outsole prevents slippage.
  • It is low-weighted.
  • The toe spike setup is complicated.

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4. Giro Cycling Shoes– High-Quality Men’s Shoes For Gravel Ride

For those who desire the best gravel bike shoes, the Giro brand shoe is a great choice. In fact, it has high quality and good features for off-road riding to give users an optimal shoe.

Naturally, this brand provides beautifully laced closure for having a secure fit while riding in dangerous areas. Plus, the quality of the lace is durable that can hold a perfect tie.

But that’s not all as it provides breathable mesh design for users to wear shoes without feeling tense or sweaty. In fact, the shoe mesh helps air to get inside forefeet to feel refresh.

Overall, it has good durability and perfect design for riding any type of bike without feeling tired. The gravel bike shoe gives heel better support with its reinforced rubber toe cap.

  • The breathable mesh avoids sweating.
  • It has good quality.
  • The laces closure is great.
  • Have three colors.
  • The soles are flexible.
  • The shoe has inaccurate sizing.

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5. SHIMANO SH-XM7 Shoe– A Stylish, Comfortable Gravel Riding Shoe

If you want a bike shoe that offers trendy, comfort and lots of features, then we must introduce the SHIMANO brand SH-XM7 shoe. Also, they have the perfect design for any riders.

Moreover, it has water-resistance features for riding in any weather with no worry of getting soaked. Besides, they offer breathable mesh for feet to feel easy after riding bike for many hours.

No doubt about it, this brand provides the finest Vibram outsole that gives full protection for finding better grip and foot control. Plus, it gives better terrain support while riding bikes.

Overall, they provide shatterproof rubber toe for durability and protection while riding in a harsh area. It has lacing closure that assures closure to fit perfectly with toe strap.

  • The shoes are rainproof.
  • It has a comfortable footwear liner.
  • Works amazing on wider feet.
  • It is breathable.
  • A durable and solid shoe.
  • It is not light-weighted.

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6. Mavic Crossmax Elite – Great Gravel Shoe for Seasonal Riders

The Mavic brand offers black and fiery red design and good quality for regular bike riders. In fact, it gives good performance for durable usage that assures users to wear easily while riding.

Also, they come with different sizes for fitting perfectly on any type of feet. In fact, it has quick release straps and head & toe straps for fitting perfectly on any feet length and width.

In our experience, we find it really stunning as it has Conta grip with rubber sole for getting better traction. Plus, it helps shoe soles to get rid of the slip-in problem for avoiding wet surfaces.

Overall, this bike shoe has optimal quality and value for a beginner. It also offers 2-hole cleat compatibility that gives mountain bike pedals to fit perfectly for secure riding.

  • It has 2-hole cleats.
  • Has trendy design.
  • It helps feet to protect from trip-in.
  • The shoes are weather-resistance.
  • Easy to attach.
  • It is expensive.

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7. Giro Privateer R Shoes– A Trendy Gravel Riding Shoes on Budget

The last product in our pick is the Giro shoe that has brilliant features at a reasonable price tag. In fact, this brand has the nicest design and light-weighted for cyclists to get better footwear.

On top, it is made of good fibers with co-molded nylon for long-term usage. Plus, the shoe has rubber lugged outsole that assures high traction or footing for walking benefits if requires.

And we’re not stopping here as it has durable and secure 1 buckle closure and 2 straps for fast attach and remove benefits. Also, the shoe gives secure adjustment while going in a real match.

Overall, it has good features and moderate-quality at a highly economical price point. This brand offers breathable mesh, medium arch support and attractive design for lifelong usage.

  • It has 4 different colors.
  • It offers highly economical than other products.
  • Have heavy-duty outsoles.
  • It has a good design.
  • The straps are durable.
  • Rubber thread has cheap quality.

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How to Choose the Best Gravel Cycling Shoes?

Do you want to know simple yet effective ways of choosing the finest and useful gravel bike shoe? If that’s the case, then we’ve gathered some effective hacks that work like wonder for picking the best gravel bike shoes. Further wasting time, let’s get started:

Pick the Economical Product

Before going to the market for choosing shoes, we suggest picking a shoe that comes with a reasonable price point. To make it clear, you should pick a product that has good quality and comfortable for long-term use at a good value.

While most people choose a product depending on their price tag, we’ll not say it’s bad but try to pick a product that comes with more feature even if it cost a bit. For that reason, pick a product that has a good price with lots of features.

The Shoes Soles, Laces and Material Is Important

Another thing that cannot be missed before choosing any gravel bike shoes is their materials. In fact, it’s really essential for bikers to have good soles, laces and foot-wear covers that protect feet from getting damages. So, pick a product that has good materials for lasting usage.

Don’t Forget About the Comfort Yet Efficient

It’s obvious that you should pick a gravel bike shoe which gives comfortable footwear that’s good at your job. In fact, any users may need a product that provides comfort, low-weight, breathable microfibers for painless wearing. Therefore, try to choose a comfortable and efficient shoe.

Go For Quick Release Straps Options

Before we ended here, you may need to look for a shoe that comes with quick release straps options. Why? Well, the quick-release straps give the fast operator to easily put on or remove the shoe than the laces one. So, make sure to note that before going on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions!

How to protect gravel shoes?

While looking for a way to make your gravel shoe clean just like a new box after making it dirty, you just need to follow the simple steps. Firstly, take a soft brush for starting a deep cleaning. After that, apply furniture polish to clear all the hard dirt. Then, wash well with lukewarm water.

Is it necessary to have gravel shoes while biking?

Yes, it is really important to have gravel shoe for avoiding slippage problems while biking in risky areas. Besides, gravel shoes provide great safety on shoe sole for safe attaching and removing options. Plus, it works perfect for professional bikers.

How do I know if a shoe fits rightly?

Well, it’s really simple if doing in the right way. Make sure your heel and midfoot feel comfortable while wearing gravel shoes. After that, check your shoe length and width with your thumb. A perfect fit requires half or full thumb space.

Can gravel shoe used for a walk-in?

Yes, the gravel shoes can be worn just like an ordinary shoe. However, they offer a 2-hole cleat that is simple to walk as normal shoes. Besides, they have comfortable footwear, soles, and covers for easy walking.


Bike shoe picking requires lots of work to get the desired one. To be real, it depends on the preference of buyers what they prefer to make choosing easier. A little tip is to do some research for getting general ideas on bike shoes.

Besides, you may find bike shoes on any sports shop. Plus, you can try our 7 best shoes for gravel bike which assures good quality and maintenance. Best of luck!