Best Gravel Tires for Pavement : Top 5 Picks In 2021!

Every time you go off any forbidden drive, you must try out with your gravel bike. When you are in the middle of the woods or you are on the pavement, you should opt for a really good gravel tire.

For a different trail, you will need to choose between different tires. That being said, you will get to see a lot of variation. But here our main intention would be introducing the best gravel tire for pavement.

If you are choosing a tire for pavement cycling, then still you may have some certain issues. Some tires are good for pavement riding but when the road becomes bumpy with dirt around there, things are going to be really tough to cope up.

No worries, we classified some best traits of them. When you delve into this article and read thoroughly, you will come to know so letโ€™s begin.

Our Top Recommended Best gravel tires for Pavement:

  1. Best Overall: Continental Contact Plus Bike Tire
  2. Runner-Up: GRAVELKING SK+ Aramid Tire
  3. Best Budget: Bell Flat Defense Hybrid Gravel Bike Tire
  4. Best on Pavement: WTB Cruz 2.0 29″ Comp tire
  5. Other Consideration: Maxxis Ravager EXO/TR Tire

What Is A Gravel Tire?

Gravel tire is a new edition in riding. This unique category has not been experienced for the last few years. Day by day, it is getting popular for an amazing experience in gravel riding.

The main reason for becoming hype among the riders is it’s a suitability with tarmac; and for that, you will get blissful riding. In short, it makes the wood or pavement trails a bit faster to ride, whereas mountain bike falters.

That said, this tire makes the ride more efficient than any road bike where you won’t need to put extra effort into the off-road trail. More specifically, when you are on the go to the chunky roads with this kind of bike, it makes the way easier, adventurous, and a little bit faster compared to any other kind. This is why gravel tires are a popular outfit on our bikes.

What Size Gravel Tire For Pavement Do You Need?

It is tough to determine the specific tire size that fits all the road types. When you are scratching your head over different sizes of a tire, your mind needs to get a fix on a certain path. Well, we make up our mind and the trail is for pavement riding.

Since we talk about the path, it makes sense like different tires have a unique bet. For example, if you are riding your bike on a pavement where you will find a little bit of bump with the scattered small stones, then a 35cc tire would be a good deal.

Except for the Peebles and small stones, you may face some hard rocks. To have a good grapple over it, you need to uplift the cc of it. For that, we will suggest you have a gravel tire which comes with 42cc, this is an excellent tire to ride on tough trails.

Best Gravel Tires For Pavement: Our Top Recommendations

1. Continental Contact Plus Bike Tire: Best Overall

The best bet here is Contact Plus Bike Tire, and we recommend you with it for a few reasons. The key concern of us is to show you the gravel tire that is pavement friendly, not a struggler. It will tune up your advanced E-bike, giving you the touring sensation and safety at the same time. With the updated version, popular tread design, this would be the best overall, indeed.

When it comes to sharing the benefits of it, we must tell what it can serve to you. Imagine, you are riding your bike on a pavement and you pry off a blunt piece of material, afterward, you find your tire okay! Yes, this tire is cut and puncture-resistant, so thanks to the great tire elasticity.

The tire is reinforced with a rugged rubber breaker for that it avoids any sidewall abrasion. Also, it gives you a bumpy feeling while crossing the pavement. Let not forget to tell you another main feature that is the tread pattern of it. This design is among the popular choices for that your bike will roll effortlessly and jump on the tough pavement with or without dirt.

From the statistics of the customer overviews, this continental tire would be the best gravel bike tires for pavement. Because when it is scratching the surface the tread easily grip it and the smooth roll is enjoyable!

Summary: If you are to buy rugged tires that roll faster and are safe for your fun ride, Continental tires are for you. You can hang out in your city, sneak into the woods, and never get busted in the rough pavement. Here is why we bring it as the top pick for you.

๐Ÿ‘ Pros:
  • Puncture protection
  • reflective sidewall & stripes
  • Smooth-rolling
๐Ÿ‘Ž Cons:
  • If you will mount the tire rely on the rear wheel, it seems difficult to you.
  • The tire weight seems heavy while installing.

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2. Gravelking sk+ aramid tire: Runner-Up

For Gravel cyclists, a pair of GravelKing tires would be an amazing choice. The manufacturer of its Panaracer unveiled a wide range of options in regards to the colors. If you are looking for a tubeless and punctureless technology assured tire then this would be a nice bet for you.

When we delve into this product, the first thing that comes up is the protite shield technology. It makes the GravelKing a real king for that it will cross any woods without losing suppleness. Well, as it comes to telling about the protite materials so note that it has two-layer, the one is for sidewalls and another is with the nylon breaker. The nylon breaker one fused under the tread cap, making it extra strong.

The immersive tread pattern with its aggressive knobs making it compatible to run on any tough roads including pavement. No matter, where you will ride, it will roll smoothly and give you a sensible touring experience. Moreover, the tire brings the anti flat casing for that it may reinforce more toughness and easily tug with its rim.

Finally, while discussing whether GravelKing would be a good bet or not, let’s focus on its two features. That is a lightweight of the tire with a flexible ride, yes GravelKing is amazingly lightweight with its 1.2 pounds of weight, and having the tubeless option making it as flexible as you are looking for.

Why is this Our Runner-up?

Gravel is our perfect runner up for it’s amazing tubeless tire and more importantly it is the lightest tire in our list. Compared to the best one reviewed above, it is missing to have the reflective sidewalls & stripes. Except it, it has got all the maximum features which the best one should possess.

Summary: The advanced extra alpha cord fused with a narrow cord for that it feels flexible and lightweight. Besides, this feature improves the overall cut resistance and abrasions. When we talk with many users, we get to know the superb toughness of this tire inspires them to buy it. If you are feeling in the same way, then you may make a move like them.

๐Ÿ‘ Pros:
  • Smooth roll-on hardcore roads.
  • Puncture and cut resistance
  • Tubeless condition
  • Lightweight & flexible
๐Ÿ‘Ž Cons:
  • The puncture resistance breaker weakens over the time.
  • It is not as good as MTB tire and thus it burps up

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3. Bell Flat Defense Hybrid Gravel Bike Tire: Best Budget

Bell introduces an ultra-durable tire that runs on the pavement ensuring the highest grip. Because it comes with the extreme PSI count hover around 55 to 95. Compared to the previous tires we reviewed, this tire has gotten more adhesiveness to the pavement with extra-large wheel diameter.

You may make a move to purchase it today, as it has gotten the price! Yes, it is the most affordable Gravel tire right now available for you. After the price, the thing will blow your mind with the parameter of width.

Well, this is extra width with a knobby tread, so hope this will tuck with the pavement and barely fail to grab the grip, with or without dirt. A perfect off-road commuter for you and you may get a ride for the intermittent tough trail.

Due to having the tread pattern, the tire can easily deflect rock in the middle of the miles of the journey. Moreover, you will feel the vibe of smooth touring with amazing traction. Hence, there would be no sign of a quick tear or wear even though you use it frequently.

Summary: If you want to make a deal, then you will have three bold reasons to have it. The first reason, it is an affordable choice ahead of you. Secondly, the tread is finely optimized and finally to have the flat defense resistance to puncture is awesome!

๐Ÿ‘ Pros:
  • Suitable for dirt & pavement both
  • Ultra-durable for ride after ride
๐Ÿ‘Ž Cons:
  • Seems heavy compared to the other gravel tire
  • It has smooth roll that fits great on pavement tough in dirt

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4. Maxxis Ravager EXO/TR Tire :Best on Pavement

The WTB Cruz 2.0 29โ€ Comp is an urban tire that does it all for you, be it a work week commuter or even a weekend wanderer.

The tire has the all-weather tread pattern along with wrap around tread gives it an additional sidewall protection, which makes it perfect for urban environments. Its 60a DNA rubber compound gives you a proper combination of low rolling resistance, wonderful grip and durability.

The tire is flat guard as it has an additional outer layer, which is made of a thick material that is puncture resistant as well. Along with this layer, it has sidewall and durable casing that ensures the ultimate urban protection. WTB Cruz 2.0 29″ Comp can be the one you are searching for as it provides you the rolling efficiency that will amaze you.

You will have better biking riding experience than ever. This is a gravel tire that will serve you with a consistently good performance in any weather, any road condition.You donโ€™t need to worry while riding in wet condition, because even in such condition you will have great control.You as well as your gear will be protected from water. it has deep outer grooves so that the water can escape easily.

Summary: WTB Cruz 2.0 29″ Comp Features tread blocks that are shallow and tightly spaced that ensures a quick and efficient roll. And also, you receive the superior traction control because of its all-weather tread pattern.

๐Ÿ‘ Pros:
  • It provides the ultimate urban protection.
  • An additional layer of thick material makes it puncture resistant.
๐Ÿ‘Ž Cons:
  • This is a hard trail mountain bike so it has gotten the low rolling resistance.

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5. Maxxis Ravager EXO/TR Tire: Other Consideration

You will be able to take your boring road bike into the countryside with this latest version of Ravager. Even where the roads are deteriorating. This will help you to have good control even on rougher terrain with its tubeless readiness.

This gravel tire is for the riders who want to tackle rough terrain with just their drop bars along with a small amount of rubber underneath. It is an aggressive gravel tire, in which EXO protection is available. It is optimal for adventures and touring onto off road.

Other tiers are usually designed to enable you to move beyond the roadโ€™s end. Whereas, this tire opens up a whole new route, camping spots and exciting journeys in which there has never been any path.

Its center knobs with square edges ensure that you can climb and bark traction on a trail which is dust covered. There are also some knobs at the corner that are oversized to keep you as well as your gear off the dirt in order to conquer another turn.

Summary: WTB Cruz 2.0 29″ Comp features tread blocks that are shallow and tightly spaced that ensures a quick and efficient roll. And also, you receive the superior traction control because of its all-weather tread pattern. However, you may feel the rolling resistance to be a bit more in some cases.

๐Ÿ‘ Pros:
  • It works great even on off road, rocky trails, dirty roads and woods.
  • Provides great traction and is able to take several sidewall hits.
๐Ÿ‘Ž Cons:
  • It seems to have weaker side walls so it is fine on the pavement but risky for uphill riding.

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Key Features Of The Best Gravel Tires For Pavement

Tires have got so many skins. If you classify it, then we will find them in 3 categories, and they are for wet, dry and ice braking. Due to serving different pathways, a tire comes with different roll resistance, noise, comfort, and tread life is the key concern. Moreover, you need to consider a lot of things before buying, so let’s show you up below:


You definitely need to decide whether you are choosing a fatter or thinner tire. Those two have different pros and cons.

For example, if you opt for a fatter tire and the wheel size would be 650B x 47, then you will expect the tire will roll smoothly on the pavement including downhills and banking. Also, you will have great grip on the dirt.ย 

Let’s start with the flat tire which tires are between 24 to 28mm along with the 700cc wheels. People love this kind of tire for better mileage because they come with the least roll resistance, tweaking it a faster tire.

You will experience the mixture of community sidewalks, pavement, and city trekking. The fat roll will insanely help you in dirt or off-road.

Now let’s jump on to the thinner tire and show you some of the variables.

If it is about the 700×42, we found it pretty perfect because it will give you the confidence to plow through tough trails experiencing the fun.ย ย 

The 700 x 38 seems to have quicker roll but unable to bump up with the same confidence.

Let us get straight first, if you need an all-round gravel tire then pick between 37mm to 40mm. Because, you will have choices to enjoy off-road and on-road riding.

Tread traction

If you ride your bike on pavement then you will find most of the tires come with average traction. The pebbles or rock you will overcome may vary from one route to another.

The golden rule of tread is with finding the rougher surface, that said the more rougher the more tread will give you extra benefits.

This is why you must tailor your choice to which surface you will ride mostly. Based on that, you will jump among many treads.


Riding your bike on rough gravel possibly incurs more risk for puncture, here tubeless tyres are the best. So when you are purchasing a new tire, you will get to see tubeless tires are pretty common. Rest of the few choices are ready-made wheels that come with tubeless formation.

The tubeless ready-made tires are heavier one, giving you a hard time while installing. Because, it is difficult to mount and often requires 6 bars of levers for fixing it onto the rim.

Rolling and Puncture resistance

Great tire rolls faster and poor tire rolls slower, there is no such rule of thumb. If we talk about the sweet gravel bike rolls, you may make a difference in many rolling resistance.

If you need more speed, you have to sacrifice it to some extent. But when you need more grippy handling and let your tire sit on the better traction the slower rolling resistance is a must.

Puncture resistance would be a great trade-off with greater suppleness. It avoids many weird objects to come in and puncture the tube eventually. However, many cyclists use sealant to avoid puncture at the sidewalls.

Final Words

Gravel riding is as sweet as your tires are hard packed with essential features. We reviewed some of the best gravel tires for pavement, based on the right features you should adopt right now.

Since one tire has some difference with another, your job here is to understand what matters the most for you. In wrapping up our thoughts, a good tire helps us ride on a specific surface. If it is about pavement, you will get the most out of it for purchasing.