Best Gravel Bike Wheelset: Top 6 Picks In 2021!

When you look for the best gravel bike wheelset, it needs to be good enough to withstand a number of things, provide enough smooth-riding efficiency and be less heavy on your wallet. We tried to focus on these three parts mainly.

And fortunately, we have found some really cool options for gravel wheelset, that are amazing in quality and at the same time, not overly pricey. So, today, let’s have a closer look at these options.

Reviewing 6 Best Gravel Bike Wheelset Options

The best way to decide on a particular wheelset is by going through reviews for each one. So here is our complete take on 6 gravel wheelset options.

1. Mavic Open Pro UST Gravel Wheelset- Get Good Speed Up with This One

Mavic gravel wheelset comes with a good hastening option that ensures you to have ideal riding speed by using in gravel bikes. It on top allows you to have good speed up in most trails.

On top of that, this wheelset comes with good center lock disc hubs that allow you to use in any bikes with no snag. Even though it is made especially for gravel bikes, this wheelset is suitable to use in road, cyclocross, and other bikes too.

Want to know the best part? This wheelset has brilliant versatility that allows you to run as clincher or tubeless at ease. It on top makes sure you run with no trouble of care or repairs.

Besides, this wheelset for gravel bikes comes with 8, 9, and 10-speed gears cassettes that allow you to ride in better control over central gravity. It also makes sure you are riding better or able to do jumps even in bumpy roads.

If you want a quality wheelset that has all the essential parts to enjoy in gravel bike, then it is your best bet. You can also try this out for your daily different style riding.

👍 Pros:
  • It comes at a reasonable price rate.
  • This wheelset is great for gravel bikes.
  • It has a modern and wide design.
  • This wheel comes with great build quality.
  • It has solid aerodynamic credentials.
👎 Cons:
  • Sadly, it is heavy in weight.

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2. BPTCS i23 29er Gravel Wheelset- Boost Strength of Your Bike with This One

Another pick that hard not to mention is the BP TCS gravel bike wheelset that makes sure good riding quality and power to resist crash. This wheelset is also fine for stopping shock and shake.

But wait, that is not all. This wheelset comes with a sturdy double-wall rim that ensures you to run in gravel bikes to see exceptional performance on any terrains. It on top allows you to have better riding with full capability and control.

In addition to that, this wheelset comes with sealed bearing hubs from 8 to 11 speeds to ensure smooth riding. It on top allows you to enjoy any style of riding in any climate with no snag.

Besides, this wheelset comes with DT Swiss 2.0 spokes that allow your bike to run faster with better footing. It on top allows the wheel itself to rotate quicker and smoother with no snag of resistance. These thin spokes also allow good flexing and reliable ride.

On the whole, this wheelset is an ideal pick if you are gravel bike users who want a tough rim and wheel options. It is on top worth trying if you want an easy tubeless compatible wheelset.

👍 Pros:
  • The price of this wheelset is reasonable.
  • Great option for Yakima and Shimano bikes.
  • For the quality, it is hard to beat.
  • This tire is great for long-term usage.
  • It has a Shimano Presta valve compatible with 32 holes.
👎 Cons:
  • The package doesn’t come with tubeless compatible tape.

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3. Alex DUS30 32h Gravel Bike CX Wheelset- Enjoy Faster Riding with This One

The Alex DUS30 wheelset has amazing design with both front and rear use included allow you to have the fastest riding feel on gravel bikes. It also allows you to ride faster on rocky roads.

This gravel wheelset on top comes with a brass nipple to fit any 9er Presta Valve to ensure good airflow. It on top allows you to easily pump up both wheels by fitting the suitable size valves for easy access. This nipple also ensures easy air out.

In fact, this wheelset comes with high volume rims that allow you to feel the most comfortable riding in the highways. It also allows you to avoid low grip and friction for a smooth ride.

And, we are not through yet. This wheelset on top comes with 6 bolts disc brake rotors that allow you to get the quietest stooping power when using on gravel bikes. It also helps you to avoid mishaps and accidents.

In short, this wheelset is a fine pick for rides who want light, rapid, and agility options for gravel bikes. It is also worth checking out if you want a better handling wheelset for a good ride.

👍 Pros:
  • Great option for the money.
  • It has a strong design to use in bikes.
  • This gravel wheelset is light in weight.
  • It makes sure a maximum performance.
  • This gravel wheelset comes with brass nipples.
👎 Cons:
  • Unfortunately, it is hard to mount.

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4. Ryde Edge28 OS Disc 29ER Gravel Wheelset- Improve Your Bike Handling with This One

The Ryde Edge gravel wheelset comes with brilliant design with good volume that ensures good handling in any road use. It also allows you to get fine control to makes sure quicker riding.

No wonder of its goodness as this wheelset comes with strong materials that allow you to withstand serious use. It on top makes sure you are riding fine with no snag of lasting value, rust, and corrosion. This wheelset also allows you to use it in any weather.

It on top comes with spokes holes that allow you to get easy direction to make sure it stronger and stuffier to hold tension longer. These spokes have 29er brass nipples to ensure a good fitting.

On the face of it, this wheelset comes with wider rims that make sure you have a great performance to ride fast. It on top makes sure you are able to ride stable on your gravel bike with a noticeable change for riding comfort.

Overall, this gravel wheelset is a big deal for anyone who wants a solid and durable option. It is also worth trying out if you want to get the highest level of aerodynamics.

👍 Pros:
  • It is light in weight to use easily.
  • This wheelset comes with great quality.
  • It lasts for a longer period of time.
  • One of the best options for gravel bikes.
  • This gravel wheelset comes at a friendly price.
👎 Cons:
  • Not good for road bikes.

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5. MTB Speed 6B Disc RED 29er CX Gravel Wheelset- Find Better Responses on Any Trails with This One

The MTB gravel wheelset comes with a solid 6 bolts disc brake that makes sure good stooping power to pause the ride. It also makes sure you are getting a good reaction on the gravel bike.

This wheelset on top comes with quick release 135mm rear and 100mm front axle spacing that allows you to easily fit in gravel bike. It also makes sure you are able to do it yourself with no help from expert mechanics.

In fact, this clincher wheelset makes sure you have tubeless-ready an ideal sleek effect to ride with a better feel. It also allows you to have a smooth ride and better air passing design.

On top of that, this gravel wheelset comes with a light frame that makes sure your bike gets a light yet flexible option to add. It on top allows you to never feel bulky or heavy that takes more pressure to move the tires.

By and large, this wheelset is a huge pick if you are one of those who want gravel bike suitable front and rear wheel. It is also worth trying out if you want a budget-friendly option.

👍 Pros:
  • It is light in weight for daily use.
  • The gravel wheelset lasts for a good while.
  • It has good design and options.
  • The gravel wheelset has a quality hub.
  • Great option for commute and tour ride.
👎 Cons:
  • We find the tire color a bit weird.

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6. Mavic Open Pro UST Gravel Wheelset- Reasonable Option to Try Out Now

This gravel bike wheelset 700C wheel from Mavic comes with good quality builds and durability at a friendly rate. It on top allows you to use the set for a long while after spending a valid rate.

This wheelset for gravel bike comes with 19mm inner and 24mm outer rims width that makes sure you are having wider tires to ride on gravel or dirt better. It on top allows you to get strong rim base that lasts longer.

On top, this wheelset comes with 32-hole hubs that make sure you are pedaling hard and moving forward at ease. It also allows the wheel to run faster by spinning better.

Moreover, this wheelset has good friction that gives benefits to improve braking systems. It on top allows your bike to stop or pause faster easily and smoothly without making a terrible noise or smash. This thing also allows your bike to avoid losing balance in critical weather.

In general, it is one of the coolest options for you to have fast, reliable, and flexible wheelsets. This wheelset is also worth trying out if you want good riding speed and momentum.

👍 Pros:
  • It comes at a logical price point.
  • This gravel wheelset has good clearance.
  • It helps in increasing bike spinning speed.
  • This gravel wheelset is good for road bikes.
  • Easy to mount.
👎 Cons:
  • Sadly, it doesn’t come with a Presta valve.

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Considerations for Gravel Bike Wheelset

After reading out the best gravel bike wheelsets review, you definitely want to know the easy tricks to shop fast. So, here are some simple yet effective tricks that will help when in the market:

Check the Toughness

The toughness of gravel bike wheels is an essential trick that helps you find quality options. Basically, you want to invest your valuable money on the tough wheelsets that go a long way.

Also, consider your riding style to learn which types of wheelsets are good for you. If you ride on gravel or dirt, then ensure your chosen wheelset is able to handle that with good toughness.

Think About the Materials

The material of the gravel wheelsets is another fact which you want to consider when in the shop. Most gravel wheelsets are made out of carbon, alloy, and other materials for giving good performance.

The carbon materials are light, strong, and longevity while the alloy is the best for money and virtual performance.

Test the Tire Hub

The hub is a crucial part of gravel wheelsets that allow them to rotate rightly. Most of the gravel bike wheelsets hubs are made out of light and thin alloy or carbon to ensure a tight fit. And, the hub of gravel wheelsets makes sure you to jump, trail, or do random riding styles.

Ensure the Volume & Capacity

Another thing you want to think of before picking gravel wheelset is the volume and capacity. Basically, the higher volume wheelset will give you better to enjoy comfort and quality riding on any trails.

It also makes sure a good cushion to ride in any way with no pinch-flat. So, makes sure your chosen gravel wheelset has a higher volume.

650B VS 700C- Which Size Is Better for Gravel Biking?

When it comes to the best wheels for gravel bikes, many people get in the conflict between which size better between 650B and 700C. If you want to know which one is better, read down below:

Momentum Facts

A gravel bike wheel is able to run faster and smoothly on any terrain if the momentum is okay. If comparing both 650B and 700C wheels, both tend to serve different momentum ability.

The 650B wheels have faster spinning up to speed yet the momentum tends to loses easily. On the flip side, the 700C wheels have slower spinning up to speed with faster momentum that doesn’t disappear.

Weights Variety

Both 650B and 700C wheels come with different weight variety for their different sizes. Basically, the 650B wheels are designed in a lighter manner as they have small edges and spokes.

On the contrary, the 700C wheels have bigger rim edges and spokes that gives bulkier feel. But, the 650B larger wheels can add more weight similar to 700C one.

Height & Width Matters

Just like other facts, the height and width can vary when it comes to 650B and 700C wheels comparison. Basically, the smaller wheels will give your bike faster rolls up than the bigger one.

The 650B wheels usually have smaller heights and widths that make sure good roll-up speed. On the other side, the 700C wheels have larger heights and widths that ensure slower yet effective roll-up speed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to clean gravel wheels?

For cleaning rightly, take out the gravel wheels from the bike. Then, take a clean brush and soap & water solution to rub the wheel surface. Avoid using sponges as it won’t reach deep. After that, you want to wipe and dry in a temperature room.

Is gravel wheelset worth it?

The gravel wheelset is totally worth it based on your budget and desire quality. You can either get good speed, acceleration, riding quality, and solid performance with the good gravel wheelset. It also makes sure good footing and comfort.

How long should I change my rims?

To change your bike rim, you want to check the replacement indicator. In fact, the replacement indicator is a hole that stays until the rim wears away. To check the changing time of rims that doesn’t have indicators, you want to see the rim surface that will give some signs.

How do I know if my rims are worn out?

Simply, you can say your rims are worn out by placing a metal ruler in the rim surface. If you see a huge gap in between the rim surface and metal ruler, this thing indicates the wearing out snag.

Wrap Up.

Looks like we are almost by the end of today’s discussion. Hopefully, you’ve managed to find your best gravel wheelset out of these 6 options. If it’s yet hard to make a choice, give yourself some time. You probably need to think a little bit more about what you’re looking for and also your requirements. Give these a good thought and at some point, you’ll find it easier to make a choice hopefully.