What Kind Of Cleats For Peloton Bike? (5 Best Picks To Get)

Peloton bikes come with Look Delta pedal systems, which leaves us no choice but to buy the best Peloton bike cleats.

There are many different cleats on the market with little to no differences, which can confuse you. That is why we have researched and short-listed the compatible models in our reviews.

Also, I gathered some valuable information regarding cleats. So, let’s get started.

What Kind Of Cleats Fit On Peloton Bike?

Cleat-compatibility mainly depends on the pedal of the bike. If you see your Peloton bike specification, you will notice that the indoor bike uses pedals from Look Delta. Also, it allows those cleats that come with a 9-degree float system.

Also, the peloton bike compatible cleats have a 3-hole arrangement. So, the options are not many in this regard. While buying the cleats and shoes, make sure that they have three holes and the mentioned float system.

Here are our top recommended best peloton bike cleats at a glance:

  1. BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta – Best Cleat Compatible with Peloton Bikes
  2. MARQUE Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta Pedals – Runner-Up Cleat with Lightweight Design
  3. CyclingDeal Compatible with Peloton Look Delta – Best Cleat for The Budget
  4. Etercycle Bike Cleats Cover Set – Best Cleat Set with Covers
  5. PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta Pedals – Best Cleats with Patented Black Block Design
Cleats For Peloton Bike

Do You Need Cleats for Riding Peloton Bike?

Cleats for Peloton bikes a must if you are using the default pedals that come with the package. But it is not much different than the normal ones in terms of efficiency.

However, cleats give us some benefits, which is especially beneficial to beginners. With the help of this accessory, you can start pedaling quicker than old systems. Also, it actively prevents our feet from slipping off of the pedals.

Best Cleats For Peloton Bike: Our Honest Review

1. BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta – Best Cleat Compatible with Peloton Bikes

Ultimate stability, efficient power transfer, lightweight design, and sturdy build quality are the reasons you should buy BV Bike Cleats. This product is only compatible with a Look Delta system, which means you can’t use it in Keo or Shimano systems.

It comes with a 3-hole arrangement so that you can install the cleats in the most comfortable position. The installation process is very simple as a Phillips screwdriver would be enough.

The 9-degree float system ensures maximum comfort and very efficient power transfer. So, your training sessions on Peloton bikes will be as close as professionals.

In terms of build quality, thousands of customers love this model due to its lightweight and durable construction. Moreover, the design allows one to enter or exit the pedal easily.

Summary: BV Bike Cleats are the most popular and 100% compatible products for Look Delta pedals. It is lightweight, adjustable, and comes with a 9-degree float system for maximum power transfer and comfort.


  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Efficient
  • Easy to install

2. MARQUE Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta Pedals – Runner-Up Cleat with Lightweight Design

Good for indoor and outdoor cycling, fits both men and women cycle shoes, nine degrees of float, made from durable thermoplastic.

Durable build-quality, adjustable features, and compatibility with both men and women cycle shoes have earned these cleats a place on this list. Though it has several praise-worthy features, we can’t place it on top of other models.

The only reason is that it comes with hex screws and no Allen keys to install. Many households don’t have such screwdrivers, which is why the manufacturer should have included proper tools to install.

However, the other features of this product are the same as the previous one. The six screws with washers allow one to adjust the position anytime. Moreover, this has a 9-degree float system, and there wouldn’t be a problem for Peloton bike riders.

Summary: MARQUE Bike Cleats are made from lightweight and durable thermoplastic. So, those who already have the right installation tools can buy this pair to ride comfortably and ensure maximum energy transfer.


  • Smooth entry and exit
  • Easy installation
  • Durable
  • Lightweight

3. CyclingDeal Compatible with Peloton Look Delta – Best Cleat for The Budget

What we expect from budget models is not present here. It is because there are many differences between the runner-up model and this one. Though the price is slightly less, you would find that other features are the same.

The pair weighs 52 grams, and they are great for daily indoor riding. With extra-durable thermoplastic as the main construction material, you won’t ever have to worry about its longevity.

Its manufacturer ensures precise shape by using CNC machining. As a result, customers can easily clip in and clip out without facing any issue. Moreover, the cleats are also very easy to install.

The 3-hole design has plenty of room to adjust its position under the shoes. That is how you can ensure maximum power transfer and comfortable riding. This product is compatible with all Peloton bike shoes, as well as the pedals.

Summary: If you are looking for the best value cleats, your search will end here. CyclingDeal manufactures one of the most durable and high-quality cleats without demanding too much money.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to adjust
  • Quick installation
  • Perfect shape

4. Etercycle Bike Cleats Cover Set – Best Cleat Set with Covers

Here, we have another 9-degree release system cleat that is the same as the above models. But the only thing that makes this Amazon listing different than them is the covers. Using the rubber covers, the service life of this product can be doubled.

Moreover, you may have noticed that this product is missing small black parts in the middle. Without that part, you won’t be missing a lot. Look Delta mentions that as “Play Adjustment PAD,” that helps your cleat set onto the pedal comfortably.

Etercycle Bike Cleats are perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. Like the other models, it is fairly easy to install and use in your Peloton bike. Finally, you will love the thing that its seller includes an Allen wrench for hassle-free installation.

Summary: If you intend to use your bike shoes both indoors and outdoors, this would be the perfect choice for you. It fits all road bike shoes that come with a 3-hole arrangement.


  • Increased durability
  • Reliable Allen screws
  • Cleat covers
  • Included installation tool


  • No play adjustment pad

5. PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta Pedals – Best Cleats with Patented Black Block Design

A major difference between PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Cleats and its competitors is the black block design. You will notice small black blocks that help bikers reduce the gap between the pedals and the shoes in the middle of the product.

The quality and patented design make it a professional-grade accessory to bikers. All other features and performance of this kit are the same as others. However, the look and finish are slightly different.

With the help of advanced machining techniques, the manufacturer can ensure a smooth outer surface. Overall, it looks premium and costly but is not that expensive like many other market models.

Summary: Those who crave perfection can trust these Peloton bike shoe cleats. It is made from premium quality TPU plastic, which is very durable. Due to this product’s engineering and design, you can experience outdoor riding on your Peloton bike.


  • More efficient energy transfer
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Easy to install
  • Quick configuration

What to Consider Before Buying the Peloton Bike Cleats

The construction of Peloton bike cleats is not very complex. So, there are very few things to recognize a Look Delta Cleat for your indoor bike.


We have already discussed this point at the beginning of this article. So, we aren’t describing it here. In short, you should purchase such models that have a 3-hole arrangement and compatibility with the 9-degree float system of Look Delta pedals that are OEM parts of Peloton bikes.

Design and Construction

After that, look for the material of the cleat as well as the design. Thermoplastic is common among our concerned products, and you can rely on its performance. Now, for design consideration, we have noticed that some models come with a “Play Adjustment PAD,” and some don’t.

That pad is located right in the middle of the cleats. It has a recoil effect that decreases the distance between the shoes and pedals. As a result, you can pedal more confidently and do it without making much noise.

Tools for Installation

Some argue about the ease of installation, but you should focus on the tools of installation. The installation process is the same for all cleats, but the difference is in the type of screws.

Our top-pick product needs a Phillips screwdriver where the others require Allen wrenches. If your chosen model comes with the necessary tool for installation, it will be a bonus. Otherwise, make sure that you have the right tools in your garage.

Cleat Cover

Finally, we will talk about an optional item that is not very important, as the previous points. In the best peloton bike cleats reviews, we have one product at the end that comes with cleat covers. These covers can protect the accessory from going bad too early in case of outdoor usage. However, those who do ride an outdoor bike don’t need this extra item.

How to Attach Peloton Cleats to Shoes?

How to Attach Cleats to Peloton Shoes

It is very important to install the cleats at the right angle. Improper installation with a wrong angle can cause knee and ankle pain. So, let’s see how you can make sure of the angle and install the accessory flawlessly.

Step 1: Firstly, put on your bike shoes compatible with the Peloton bike and cleats.

Step 1: Secondly, locate the ball of your feet and mark the spot on the shoes. It is not tough to find. Feel where the bony knuckles are protruding right below the big toes.

Step 1: Thirdly, get the help of another person and mark the position. Also, mark a straight line along the sole after taking off the shoes.

Step 1: Finally, loosely attach the cleats to the shoes, align the center to the marked line, and tighten with an Allen wrench or Phillips screwdriver.

We align the accessory to the balls of your feet so that you can ride the longest path before the calves get tired. It is proven that pressing hard using the toe or midfoot areas tires the feet quicker. So, follow the instructions and set it like a pro.

Are There Any Safety Concerns for Peloton Bike Cleats?

There are no safety issues with this accessory we are talking about. Some people don’t feel safe or think cleats take away the freedom of moving your feet for outdoor bikes.

However, that is not the case for indoor bikes because one doesn’t need to balance it continuously. The cleats are easily removable, and one gets the hang of it after a few sessions. So, you can confidently purchase the best peloton bike cleats after reading our reviews.


So, which one is the best Peloton bike cleats according to your preferences? Is it the BV Bike Cleats Compatible with Look Delta, or something else? That is the most popular model, but you should also check out PRO BIKE TOOL Bike Cleats.

Both are incredibly durable and good-quality products. Order now, and going through our provided links would give you the best available price on Amazon.