Best Toe Cages For Peloton Bike: (Full Installation Process)

It’s not possible to buy cleats and shoes for every member of the family riding the Peloton, your wallet might cry a little.

To help you out, here’s a collection of the best Peloton toe cages. These are one size fits all solutions that can keep the entire family pedaling with the right fit, affordability, and adjustment!

So, where to buy peloton toe cages? Peloton officially doesn’t sell toe cages. So, after researching a lot I found only 3 toe cages suitable for peloton and also available on amazon. So amazon is the only place where you can buy peloton toe cages.

Our recommendations On Best Peloton Toe Cages:

  1. Best Over All: Venzo Bike and Bike+ Toe Clips Cage
  2. Our Runners Up: CyclingDeal Toe Clips Cage
  3. People Also Likes: Exustar Clip-in Pedal Adapter (Suitable For Small Foot)

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Best Peloton Toe Cages

Reviews on the 3 Best Peloton Toe Cages:

Below is a list of the toe cages that have been selected based on their performance, affordability, durability, and compatibility. Let’s check them out!

1. Best For Default Peloton Pedals: Venzo Toe Clips Cage

The first toe cage is worth recommending to any Peloton owners trying to find a toe cage without pedals. Known for their extremely high quality and most durable construction, these Venzo Toe Cages are an excellent solution for those looking to find the right shoe for their Peloton bikes.

If your family member is wearing sneakers in the least, he/she can now exercise and workout at home without the need to pay hundreds/thousands of dollars on specialized shoes.


  • The toe cage size for this model is 130mm to 145mm x 85 mm.
  • You can get a maximum adjustment range of 15mm here.
  • The total weight of this pair of toe cages is 350g or 12.3 oz /pair.
  • In this riding package, you get a pair of toe clip cages only.
  • This item has been made in Taiwan.

What you like about this toe cage is how the structure of the cleat and the body is unified.

With a body made of die-cast aluminum, these pedals make sure that your shoes altogether can withstand all kinds of rough uses (aka intense workout/pedaling sessions) and can still last longer than the regular options that come with separate cleats.

There’s another advantage that you get from it: that of the adjustable cage position with a range of 15 mm. If you are somebody with large feet, you will still be able to use the pedals effortlessly.

And if you love to ride outdoors its lightweight nature and rigid build, will make sure that you can make it happen too!

As for the installation, the process is easy to execute and quite simple. All riders have to do is clip the cage onto the Look Delta pedals, tighten the tension screw, and use it with their indoor and exercise bikes.

For a sleek and light toe cage that won’t let you down like your other exercise accessories, get ready for some of your toughest and pleasing pedaling sessions!


  • This toe cage can be used with casual shoes.
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor pedaling/exercising.
  • These are quick and easy to adjust with the strap-on.
  • You get dual functionality from this toe cage.
  • Has sturdy engineering with heavy-duty plastic and oversized axle.


  • Expensive compared to regular toe cages.
  • Not for spin bikes with a different cleat system.

If you were looking for a convert-compatible toe cage that can transform your Look Delta pedals into toe clip straps, the reliability, quality, features, and reliability of Venzo are sure to stun you!

2. Best For Dual Function Pedals: CyclingDeal Toe Clips Cage

Were you on the hunt for a more reasonable option in Peloton pedal toe cages that could give you a dual function just like the Venzo Bike and Bike+ Pedal Toe Clips Cage above? 

Specifically made to work with the Peloton bike pedals (which you hopefully have at home), with the use of this cage, you will not need to remove the pedals or check for their compatibility with the cage.

This is because this pair of toe cages are made to exceptionally and specifically work for Peloton!


  • The toe cage size for this model is 130mm to 145mm x 85 mm.
  • You get an Axle thread dimension of 9/16″ here.
  • The total weight of this pair of toe cages is 350g or 12.3 oz /pair.
  • In this riding package, you get a pair of toe clip cages only.
  • This item has been made in Taiwan as well.

One of the first things that you will like about this cage adapter is that designed from a strong, high-quality full-alloy body, while the material of the inside is made of Chrome-Moly.

For you, this means enhanced durability from a strong cage body. Add to this the thermoplastic material, and you have the perfect recipe for top performance! 

This toe cage pair has a lot of similarities with the Venzo model. When it comes to the weight, this pair of cage straps are only 350 grams per pair, just as you saw in the Venzo one.

With such a lightweight build, feature a sturdy construction in stark contrast. The maximum adjustment that you get here is the same as, that of 15 mm, as it is adjustable between 130mm to 145mm by 85mm.

With the help of this large platform, you have a lot of space for removing and entering your foot out of the toe cage. But is it stable? Yes, it also provides you with stability when you’re pedaling. Talk about good support!


  • The toe cages are durable and will serve you for a long time.
  • This adapter facilitates the dual function for the Peloton pedals.
  • You can accommodate a wider range of shoe sizes with it.
  • Being lightweight, it is both convenient and efficient.
  • Allows riders to achieve the perfect clip-in fit for safer riding.


  • Only suitable for the Peloton bike pedals.
  • Cannot be used with bikes having the same cleat as the Look-Delta.

Whether you want to ride with the Look Delta shoes from Peloton or use your regular non-cycling shoes, whichever you prefer, these toe cages from CyclingDeal will offer you all the freedom you need!

3. Also Popular On Market: Exustar Clip-in Pedal Adapter

To help your family cycle with or without their cycling shoes, here’s another option from Exustar!.

These toe cages have been so popular in suiting the need for spin-bikers that hundreds of riders have mostly good things to say about it while using this third pick.

This adapter pedal features similar functionality to the Venzo and CyclingDeal Toe Cages that you previously saw, but it costs even less. But does that mean this one is low in quality? Let’s find out!


  • The toe cage size for this model is 130mm to 145mm x 85 mm.
  • You get an Axle thread dimension of 9/16″ here.
  • The total weight of this pair of toe cages is 13.4 oz /pair.
  • In this riding package, you get a pair of toe clip cages only.
  • Converts Delta, SPD-SL, and Keo pedals to toe straps and clips.

As opposed to the unified structure that you saw in the Venzo Bike and Bike+ Pedal Toe Clips Cage, the cleats of Exuster are installed separately.

Although this does take away from the durability of the toe cage to some extent, this also makes it more suitable for those with a smaller foot with just the right amount of room inside to move their feet and toes around.

Compared to the weights of both Venzo and the CyclingDeal Bike Bicycle Toe Clips Cage, this one has a higher weight at 13.4 ounces. But this is extremely minimal and still lets you maintain the ability to pedal with ease.

The installation is quite easy too. All riders need to do is tighten up the screws present in the cleat in this model, and you’ll be done!

Another great thing about it is that you can make it a convertible option for any pedal type. So, if you want, you can use these cages not only with Peloton bikes but also with other spin bikes, unlike the CyclingDeal model in number 2.

Since it can accommodate all shoe sizes, anyone in your family or circle can get the taste of riding a Peloton with it!


  • Economical solution to expensive pedal cages and straps.
  • Versatile compatibility with Peloton and other bikes.
  • Durable cages that will last you a long time.
  • Easy to use and install for safe riding.
  • Great pedaling toe cage for small to medium foot sizes.


  • Not suitable for heavier people with larger shoe sizes.
  • Does not possess position adjustment options.

So if you are looking for toe cages that are compatible with different cleat systems of different bikes, and at the same time it needs to cost less, the Exustar Clip-in Pedal Adapter is your buddy!

How to Set Up and Install Toe Cages On Peloton Bike?

Before we start, we like to mention that toe clips or cages can be used with regular athletic shoes (the compatible ones) aside from peloton shoes. So, you can use toe cages to clip into your bike pedals just like you can with peloton shoes. We think toe cages also give you stability for cycling. 

Generally, toe cages come with laces or straps. They can also include cleats sometimes. Follow the steps below to set up toe cages correctly –

Step 1 –

Start by grabbing one of the laces or straps and threading it through the bottom of the toe cage. It won’t matter if the toe cage is for the right foot or left foot. You just need to make sure the buckle remains facing downwards.

Step 2 – 

On the top of the cage, you will notice 2 holes. Fold the strap over and tread it through these holes.

Step 3 –

Pull the lace or strap all the way through so that the buckle comes close to the bottom of the toe clip or toe cage. 

Step 4 –

Now, press the buckle to squeeze it open. Carefully, insert the free end of the strap under the roller and through the tooth opening. 

Step 5 –

Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the other toe clip. But this time, you need to thread the strap from the opposite side of the clip. Also make sure, both the buckles are facing out when you are on the bike wearing the toe cages. 

Step 6 –

Insert your athletic shoes into the toe cages. For the left foot, the buckle should be positioned to the left side. And for the right foot, the buckle should be positioned to the right side.

Step 7 –

Now you need to tighten the toe cages to your shoes. Pull the straps or laces to adjust the tighten. Your feet should feel comfortable wearing them. At the same time, they should be snug enough to stay in your shoes. The toe cages shouldn’t be too tight or loose.  

Hurray! You should have successfully set up peloton toe cages by now. If that’s not the case, don’t worry. Watching this video will clear your confusion –       

We showed the general way to set up peloton toe cages. The installation process of toe cages may differ according to the model and pedal type. There are many types of toe cages available these days and they require different installation processes with straps and cleats.

How to Install Peloton Toe Cages?

To properly install peloton toe cages, make sure the toe cages are properly clipped into the pedals. But before that, the cleats should either be installed or you need to install them on the toe cages first.   

If there are no cleats pre-installed on the toe cages or if you want to install an aftermarket cleat, then let’s see how to install cleats on toe clips or toe cages first – 

How To Install Cleats on Peloton Toe Cages?

The process is very similar to installation cleats on peloton shoes. A 4-millimeter hex key is needed for this installation. Let’s get down with the process –

  • Match the screw holes and place the cleats on the bottom of the toe clips. 
  • After that, place the washers into the appropriate recess areas. 
  • Make sure the cleats are facing forward and inline between your toe and heel. 
  • Now, tighten the screws with a 4-millimeter hex key until you feel like the cleats are properly secured.
  • Repeat the same process for the other toe cage. You will be good to go if you have done everything accordingly.

Once you have successfully installed the cleats under the toe cages, it’s time to clip them into the pedals.  

How To Attach Toe Cages To Peloton?

You can clip the toe cages or clips into the pedals the way you would with your peloton shoes. Following these steps one-by-one will perfectly clip the toe cages into the pedals – 

  • Sit on the bike and spread your legs apart on each side of the bike. 
  • Keeping one foot on the ground, place the other onto the pedal. A 6 o’clock position is recommended for the pedal in which you are placing your foot.
  • Adjust the cleat to the right position on the pedal. Now, push it downwards with your foot until you hear a creaking sound. It indicates the toe cage is clipped in. 
  • At this position, pull the strap to tighten and thread its free end through the other side of the buckle.
  • Follow these steps for the other toe cage. It is better to ensure – the pedal is at the 12 o’clock position this time.

So far so good, right? Congrats! Because now you know how to install peloton toe cages properly.            

How to Adjust Peloton Toe Cages?

Adjusting the toe cage means, whether it is tightened or loosen properly. We don’t think we need to elaborate on this subject as you will figure it out naturally with your instinct. There will be a metal catch on the buckle. You need to pinch it to make it open. Now, insert the loose end of the strap between the roller and the tooth.

Once you have placed your shoes into the toe clips, keep pulling the strap unless you feel it is tightened enough. And pressing down the buckle will automatically loosen the toe clip.         

How to Unclip Peloton Toe Cages?

In this section, we will not only teach you how to unclip toe cages from the pedals but also how to remove them. You may need an Allen wrench and some pedal oil for this. We need your attention for this and want you to follow these steps accordingly –

  • While you are sitting on your bike, either hold down the handle or resistance knob (for peloton bikes) and kick your heels away applying moderate pressure. This will instantly unclip the toe clips from the pedals. 
  • To remove the toe cages, you need to remove your shoes from them. Press down the buckle to loosen it and slip your foot out of the toe cage. This will leave the toe clips attached to the pedals.
  • While you are off your bike, slowly pull off the straps from the loops of the clips. This particular step is required only if the toe cages come with straps. Not all toe cages require straps to adjust them effectively. For those cases, this step can be ignored.
  • If your pedals happen to use bolts to fix the toe cages, then you need to find them. By turning the pedals over, you will notice the shiny bolts attached to the toe clips. However, not all pedals use bolts for fixing the clips. For instance, peloton pedals or clipless pedals don’t require any bolt to install toe cages.
  • Now it’s time to unbolt the bolts. An Allen wrench can be used for this. Unbolting the bolts can be harder than you expect if you have used the toe cages for a long time. If that is the scenario, use pedal oil to soften the grip. 
  • To loosen the bolts, turn them counterclockwise. Use your hands to accelerate the process once the bolts are loosened completely and start to come off.
  • Now, you can remove the toe cages from the pedals. The process would be much easier if no bolts are required to attach the toe cages with the pedals. 

The whole process has shown you how to unclip and remove toe cages from the pedals. We hope you have understood each step. Leave a comment if you have any queries regarding any step. We would be glad to assist you.  

What Kind Of Toe Cages Does Peloton Use?

The Peloton Bike that you plan to get or already have in possession, uses Delta-compatible cleats. You can fix these cleats under your shoes 9from Pelton or any other brand) that have a 3-screw hole setup.

From the manufacturer, the riders are typically encouraged to buy or use the pedals that your bike comes with. This will ensure that you have an optimal ride. Hence, for a secure riding experience, you should always be clipped in using Delta-compatible shoes.

Does Peloton Bike Come With Toe Cage?

No, Peloton bikes do not come with a toe cage. If you want to buy their shoes or toe cages, you have to pay for the accessories and riding items separately.

So if you want to have toe cages, either for the family or for yourself, you can purchase the items directly from Peloton or any other brand as long as they are compatible.

Alternatively, you can opt for changing the pedals and get other toe cages (like the ones listed below) for less cost from other brands.

Toe Cages Or Pedals With Toe Cage: Which One Better?

Toe cages are plastic frames that attach to your platform pedals and at the same time hug your toes. With the help of these cages, you get a more controlled, efficient, and powerful stroke because you get to pull the pedal in the upstroke.

Toe cages can come with adjustable straps that help to secure your foot. But remember that these aren’t the same as the pedal straps.

On the other hand, pedals with toe cage or pedal straps are similar to the toe cage discussed above. How? Because the former also allows you to pull the upstroke.

But they don’t attach to the front of your foot like toe cages. Instead, these pedal straps go around your foot and over, and encloses it into place from the sides. These are also cheaper and more customizable.

Let us take a look at how they differ by the following considerations.


Price is not one of the major differentiators between the two. Both toe cages and pedals with toe cages or toe straps are less expensive, falling in the $20-$30 range if you buy from an average brand. For more high-end cages, you will need to pay a couple of dollars more. 

However, if you get a distant relative of these two options, which is the clipless pedal option, the range will be $60-$70, minus the shoes.


The durability of these cages will also vary depending on the brand. Many fixie riders usually opt for toe cages or pedal straps for their durability, convenience, and comfort.

Used with your regular shoes while cycling, these will last you a good amount of time. However, the material of the pedal straps tends to be an alloy, which makes them more durable compared to plastic and average toe cages.

Ease of Use

The biggest difference between the two of them lies in the way that these two secure your foot. As you have read already, toe cages “cage”  the front of your foot. On the other hand, pedal straps, secure the sides of your foot.

Now, which one of them is the better cage or strap for your feet? If you think that you want to prioritize comfort over durability to some extent, you should go for the toe cage. Suppose, you are satisfied with the Peloton pedals that you have, but you want a removable option that can be used by a guest or family member.

 Then you can switch to a simple and easily attachable toe cage. But if they or you are more advanced users of the Peloton, straps that secure from the side would be perfectly fine to deal with.

How Choose The Right Peloton Bike Compatible Toe Cage For You?

To pick the right toe cage, you should look at the following features before you make your next purchase.


When buying toe cages or clips, the first thing that you should ensure is compatibility. You should either have cages compatible with the Look Delta cleats, or the cages should come with pedals that make them compatible with the bike.

So, when you are getting toe cages for a Peloton bike from other brands, get one that suits specific pedals. Only make sure that the axle fits a 9/16″ thread.

Right Size

The toe cage that you select should accommodate your running/cycling/non-cycling shoes easily. So make sure that riders like you get the right size that gives you room to more and at the same time provides a strong grip.

Ease of Use

If you are going to ride the bike alone, consider your ease of operation. But what if others are riding it too?

The prime advantage of toe cages is that they fit every one too, so you don’t have to worry about the rest!

Just make sure that you look for lightweight, quality, and durable toe cages that are easier to install and comfortable.


The durability of the toe cage will be identified by the material quality. Try to get an aluminum body, which should feature steel bolts and straps made of nylon. This will ensure longevity.

Your toe cages should neither break nor expand whether you want to use them indoors or outdoors. For the latter, also make sure that it is water-resistant.

Strength and Performance

All of the features listed above will eventually ensure that your Peloton-compatible toe cages are both strong and a high-performer. Spinning in itself is a tough workout.

Your toe cage should not make it harder. It should be able to withstand all that pressure with the straps.

Also, keep in mind as a rider that you need to have a large platform for your foot. This is going to make sure that the performance of the toe cages turns out to be comfortable for you and impressive too.

When your feet are perfectly secure on the pedal, you’ll have all the confidence you need in spinning!

What Are The Advantages/Disadvantages Using Toe Cages On Peloton Bikes?

Before making any purchase, you should see how well it can benefit you and what are the chances of it working against you. This is why the advantages and the disadvantages of getting toe cages for your Peloton bikes or any other spinning bike have been mentioned below.

Advantage Of Using Toe Cages On Peloton Bike

When you make any purchase, with the grace of economics and wants, you want to get something where the benefits will far exceed or maybe sometimes even slightly exceed the cost.

Does the same happen when you want to buy toe cages? Let’s see what basic advantages that toe cages carry.

First off, these cages help to keep your feet safe. So when you use these on the bike pedals, you can ride indoors or spin outdoors without tripping. 

Secondly, with the help of toe cages, you can spin or cycle in your average, everyday non-cycling shoes as long as you get clipped pedals. 

Thirdly, most of these cages are perfect for a wide range of users with different shoe sizes. As a result, for all the different riders entering and wanting to ride in your studio, these toe cages will let them spin comfortably.

Disadvantage Of Toe Cages On Peloton Bike

Surprisingly, many people think that toe cages can be of any disadvantage. Of course, if you buy gears that are not well-made, there are chances of injury. 

Since these toe clips or cages are less popular in some zones, it may give rise to negative rumors. But that doesn’t mean that it is dangerous. The use of it can often result in better speed and increased riding comfort.

Does Peloton Sell Toe Cages? How Much Do Peloton Toe Cages Cost?

Peloton brand does sell toe cages that come with the cost of $40 for each pair. These are naturally compatible with the peloton pedals.

However, brands such as Venzo, CyclingDeal, and Exustar are also compatible with your default Peloton pedals, at a much lower price, for which the list here was made.

Final Words

When you have to be on and off your Peloton or spinning bike in between the riding sessions, an uncomfortable toe cage can feel like a curse.

Having the best toe cages for Peloton bike makes sure that you do not need to use cleats anymore, and at the same time, allows you to strengthen your calves better. 

As you saw, the top pick was the Venzo Bike and Bike Pedal Toe Clips Cage for its compatibility, versatility, and wide-usability. With its unified toe clips and cleats, the standard fitness bike will go way up in the studio!

With this into account, make sure that you buy cages that give you maximum comfort and satisfaction. Only you as a rider can best judge how this will feel on the feet. So make sure it’s a good one!