Best Road Bike Fenders To Keep Your Cloth Clean On Riding!

Are you looking for a pair of good road bike fenders? They will allow you to pedal freely on the road or the mountain without the rain, mud or gravel making you experience bitter.

The fender may not be a most interesting component for us, however it may be one of the most useful as it keeps the bike and clothes cleaner. Another guarantee that comes with the use of this complement and very grateful, is that it improves the comfort of the cyclist on the bad days of rain or mud.

In this article we will review the wide variety of road bike fenders available. Whichever bicycle you use, you will have no problem finding one that suits yours easily since there are all types and for all models, the ideal is to find the perfect one for your specific needs.

Some offer more protection, however others are easier to remove or place. All you have to know is which one will be the most suitable for you.

Best Fenders For Road Bike

When buying bicycle fenders it is important to combine your needs well with the type of cycling you practice and, of course, the bicycle model you own.

1. Planet Bike Cascadia ALX Bike Fenders:

Planet Bike Cascadia ALX Bike Fenders are full Coverage Aluminum Fender Set. At revolting weather, these fenders have you secured from the downpour, hail, and day off.

This aluminum creation is extreme, productive, and comfortable all at the time. Formed aluminum use to make the central portion of the fenders.

Whether touring the cross country or riding around town, these fenders provide you years of full-wrap coverage.

Release Tabs add more safety to the front fender. Stainless steel V-stays and equipment are pre-introduced. Circle brake also suited.

  • The thinner metal clip allows for more clearance.
  • These fenders surely keep the water off you and easy to install.
  • It takes a short time to install.
  • Excellent durable fender set, with Good coverage and quiet when riding, also very robust.
  • Fender’s size is mislabeling.
  • Quality control is poor.

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2. SKS RaceBlade Pro XL Black Fenders:

SKS RaceBlade Pro XL Black Fenders are the Optimum clip-on kit for bike protection. Perfect fit for 28” tire with 25 and 32 mm width. These fenders are enough extra-long for control of superior splatter.

The extra-long spoiler & super light allows extra splash protection. The radius of the wheel can adapt simply by fixing the stretch of the stays.

565mm is front fender length & rear fender is 730mm.plastic material is used. wheel size is700c / 28 “. The paintwork safety film is used for the frame.

A double-hinged quick-release fitting system presents Attachment and detachment very simple and fast. On racing bikes, commuting bikes, MTB & more, this fender has a great use.

  • with disc brakes, these are Compatible to all conventional frames.
  • Very functional, easy to install.
  • These fenders cover a massive area of the wheel front/back.
  • It is quite unsure how long the rubber elastics will last.

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3. Vbestlife Retractable Bike Fenders:

Vbestlife Retractable Bike Fenders are made of PVC material that has high value for durable use. Keep your bike clean and clean from mud and rainwater with its lengthened and Wide design.

Size is so suitable to adjust perfectly for the various bikes like a road bike, mountain bike, and racing bike.

Measurement of the front fork is 18-26mm and rear seat tube 25-34. for cool and safe cycling at night, the LED taillight is used.

34.5 * 7cm / 13.6 * 3inch is front Fender Size. 386g weight. 50 * 7cm / 20 * 3inch is Rear Fender Size.

  • Retractile design is convenient to carry as it is lightweight.
  • Quick and easy to release and install.
  • Neat collapsible features and very rosy looking.
  • Rear fender may break when installing.

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4. Planet Bike Hardcore Hybrid Fender:

Full Coverage Plastic Gloss of Planet Bike Hardcore Hybrid Fenders Keep You Dry

These fenders support cyclists from keeping off rain, mud, and snow off for decades.

Simple to set up all hardware previously mounted to the fenders. For all conditions, the Hardcore fender tough enough. Different sizes for different wheels and bikes are surely available.

Planet Bike Hardcore Hybrid Fenders construct with super-rugged SuperflexTM polycarbonate. Previously 130 mm mudflaps are available for extra protection.hardware are made of Stainless steel for hassle-free mounting.

45mm width. 35mm fits 700c tire widths from 20 to 28mm. 45mm fits 700c tire widths from 26-35mm. 60mm width fits trail blazing bicycles with 26″ wheels. 65mm width fits trail blazing bicycles with 29″ wheels.

Ride regardless of the rain. Remain dry with durable full-coverage fenders enjoy your ride.

  • Compatible disc brake.
  • Release Tabs assured easy removal on the front fender.
  • Perfect for commuters.
  • Lightweight and robust.
  • For the newbie, these may be unpleasant.

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5. SKS Raceblade Pro XL Road Bicycle Fenders:

The endmost clip-on Fenders set for cyclocross and road bikes for tire width somewhere between 25 25 and 32mm.Fenders can be superbly adjusted to the radius of the wheel by modifying the length of the remains.

It also fits aero forks. Its shrewd double hinged quick release fitting system very compatible with direct mount brake disc brakes, and thru-axles

Its superlight extra-large mud folds give extra spray assurance. Both rubber straps for quick release and fixed in place with zip ties are available.

Includes adhesive protection kit to avoid damaging the paintwork. Also compatible disc brake.

  • It offers brilliant protection.
  • Speedy tool-free assembly
  • Stay fastenings ensure security
  • Concludes protection kit.
  • Please make a special effort to be aware of the brake wire.

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6. Diamondback 700-C Clip-On Fender:

An excellent choice for cyclists who in need of a full fender set for maximum coverage on wet rides.

The Diamondback Clip-On 700c fenders attach your bicycles fender mounts. These are optimized for a 700c wheel. Fine-tune the proper fit on your bike with the help of Adjustable mounting hardware.

  • High impact composite construction
  • Simple -mount hardware
  • rear set & Full-length front
  • Dirt doesn’t block rear fender.
  • vastly flimsy while riding

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7. SKS S-Board Front Road Bicycle Fender:

SKS S-Board Front Road Bicycle Fender is a Smart clip-on front fender for cyclotrons road, gravel bikes &hybrid, etc. Tire width up to 38 mm.for the frame Paintwork protection film is engaged.

Adjustable mount for almost all fork angles. The fitting system is Quick-release. It also perfectly fits Aero forks.weight – 98g. It is designed to utilizing with 700C wheels.

  • Functional design & minimalist appearance.
  • More comfortable to take on & off.
  • It works beautifully and a fantastic fit.
  • Effectively works with the bicycle.
  • May not fit all fork.

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Consideration When Choosing Road Bike Fenders

A road bike is exclusively designed to be ridden on Tarmac roads. In wet or slushy weather, Fenders are a must for cyclists.

Select the right kind of fenders that you need by following our guidelines


Approximately all experienced cyclists choose metal fenders. Metal fenders provide weather assurance greatly than plastic. They are very durable and look beautiful than plastic.

Actually, a different look of fenders can give an exquisite look to your road bike.

Plastic fenders may be very short and don’t work well.

If you have no eyelets, Clip-on mudguards are perfect and will allow excellent coverage and simply removable.

Perfect measurement for Fenders:

According to the basic rule, the fender should be at least 8mm more extensive than the tire. In case of a road bike, get 45mm fenders for 32mm tire, and for 42mm tires, choose 50 or 52mm fenders.

The proper radius of fenders:

Find out the appropriate radius for fenders. Choose the same fenders for 27″ and 700c wheels. It’s important to adjust your fender line as the size is close but not identical.

Fenders length:

Get the most extended fenders as possible. Long fenders allow you to keep drier.

Mud Flaps:

Add mud flaps to the base of your fenders (the back). This ensures ultimate water protection for not only you but also cyclist friends behind you.


A clip-on fender adjusts to the seat post. As well extends over the rear tire. It really serves one purpose–– your front, shoes, or frame remain unprotected. However, there are some clip-on for the front as well as the back tires that allow more practical coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Planet Bike Hardcore Hybrid Fender risky?

Ans: although Planet Bike Hardcore Hybrid Fender is Fully Covered with Plastic Gloss. you don’t need to be worried.Compatible disc brake. These fender release tabs assured easy removal on the front fender. Perfect for commuters Lightweight and robust.

Is SKS S-Board Front Road Bicycle Fender flexible or sturdy?

Ans: I just toured from Copenhagen to Amsterdam with this fender on a carbon Enve fork. It’s the correct stiffness, it works great. Half the tour was on dirt. I used zip ties with the rubber bands for extra security. 1000 miles of mud and rain in 3 weeks was no problem. A really good fender.