What Cycling Cleats Types Are Available for Beginner Riders?

When it comes to cycling, there are more than a few pats that play major importance for riding with full potential.

One such universal part is called cleats. This part along with other segments makes your ride complete and safe.

So, when you decide to invest a good amount of money for a suitable cleat, you are actually deciding to invest in your comfort of riding.

That’s why it is essential you know the basics of cleats and how many cycling cleats types are available.

Don’t worry, we are here to cover that topic today! Let’s go!

Let’ Start With Knowing Cleat!

Cycling cleats are the main parts of any traditional bike shoe that are adjusting to the back of cycling shoes.

In fact, one can use it for its safe attaching option so that they can ride with no trouble of slippage.

The cleats are of plastic, rubber or steel that comes in a cone shape. For that reason, it is used in shoe soles by little accessories to adjust the bike pedal for a secure ride.

With the cleats, one can easily unclip or attach it by twisting or rotating the outer heel of cycling shoes.

Here’s the interesting part that it allows the user to set the cleats in a simple technique. First of all, you have to spot the place where you want to clip-in the cleats.

After that, pick one shoe and lubricate the bolts with a screwdriver. And, this is how you can adjust the cleats in bike shoe. No doubt about its efficiency that gives good force to pedal faster and smoother for not loosening balance.

You won’t believe what we discover on cleats that they are so good at providing extra grip on a greasy surface. It also gives better ground control for not making any mistakes.

What Cycling Cleats Types Are Available?

In detail, cycling cleats are available in different types of bike shoes. For example, mountain bike shoes are suitable for dual side SPD cleats, but for commuting, single side cleats are a good choice. So, it depends on your cycling shoe design which cleats are perfect to pedal well.

However, we find some interesting cycling cleats that are great in various ways. So, not wasting any further times, let’s dig into it:

SPD Cleats

SPD cleats are 2-bolt pattern screws for fitting insoles of the clip-less cycle shoe. Plus, its uses in most of the bike shoes as SPD cleats are universal.

This type of cleats works amazingly on harsh weather conditions as they are water-resistance. Generally, it gives full support on traction for pedaling quickly.

SPD-SL Cleats

SPD-SL actually works just like SPD cleats but the main difference is they have a 3-bolt pattern screw to adjust well.

Believe it or not, it is way safer and lighter than SPD cleats for riding in mountain or hilly areas to avoid tripping or slip-in.

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KaO Cleats

KaO cleats have 3-bolt pattern durable screws that are attached in the cycling shoe. Plus, it is lighter and compatible that provides more gripping while riding with a road bike shoe.

On the face of it, the cleats give more support on the heel section for twisting in 10 degrees for quick release or attach.

MTB Cleats

MTB cleats are made of metal that provides 2 screws that are similar to SPD cleats.

On the face of it, the cleats have a quick-release option to attach or un-clip in different angles for adapting better. Plus, it gives max power to the bike pedal for getting more balance.

Delta Cleats

Delta Cleats have 3 screws and 3 holes for attaching perfectly on bike pedal. Actually, this type of cleats is complementary for delta settings to pedal with max competent.

Plus, it gives good function by turning angles for quick unleash and clip from the inner and outer of the shoe soles.

Speedplay Cleats

Speedplay cleats are the rare one as it has 4 screws and holes for attaching flawlessly with secure and faster-floating option.

In other words, it has fine adjustable weight and provides good support to pedal. Plus, the screws are super simple to adjust for lighter action.

Your Ideal Pick?

Frankly speaking, all cycling cleats types are great in their way. The SPD cleats are small, light-weight, simple to install and cheaper price than others.  So, we find it good for a regular basis with lots of features at a sensible value.

On the other hand, some cleats are wonderful in performance and provide full protection from slip-in just like SPD-SL cleats.

It gives a better secure locking option for pedaling more comfortable. For that reason, it may work for those who want comfort and safe all at once.

If you want max efficiency and comfortable maintenance, the MTB cleats are what you are looking for. It has durable parts that help in producing max efficiency while pedaling on a bike. On top of it, this type of cleats works similar likes SPD cleats.

Besides, KaO and Delta cleats are ideal for road bikes to get an easier release or attach option. It gives amazing ankle support in different angles to move the leg in comfortable movement.

We would highly recommend it to those who want efficiency and protection for avoiding leg injury.

Also, Speedplay cleats are right for those who want low-weight and good knee-friendly floating support for an excellent pedaling experience.

For that reason, we find all of these cleats good for different reasons and different workings.


So, after knowing about some universal Cycling cleats types, what’s the next step? Well, it’s mere easy and depends on your level of analysis and research.

What we mean to say is, now you are left with the choice of picking one particular cleat type and find out a reliable brand that offers it. Make sure you do a good research one finding out better about the model you are interested in.

Once you get it, your time to ride safe and sturdy will start awesomely. May Your Rides Be Fun & Safe!