How Does a Dropper Post Work? [Explained Easily]

Mountain bikers are more prone to hear about this pretty popular thing called dropper seat post. The stuff has a very interesting function so that’s quite understandable why it’s so widely well known. The specific purpose of fulfilling post is actually easy to use if you know the right way to make it function.

The flexibility of comfortably adjusting the seat height is what basically you get from a dropper post. Quite similar to how the office chairs work. Let’s not just rely on this simple explanation. We will be covering the entire matter of how does a dropper post work today. So, Keep on Reading!

Explaining How Does a Dropper Post Work.

Let’s talk in many parts to have the complete idea of this whole matter. By the end, you will able to understand the whole method through that. So, put on your seat belts and let’s go for the entire ride below.

Cable Routing

If talking about how does a dropper post work, then you want to know about its cable routing. It actually appears in two main types where one is Internally and externally routed.

On top of that, the internally routed dropper post works on cables and tubes that are hidden inside the bike frames. On the other hand, the external routed dropper post allows your bike to shoe the cable and tubs that can be seen outside of the frame.

Both types of cable routing help the dropper post to work fine with positive and negative aspects. While the internally routed dropper post is quite hard to bed in for its critical setup method that it doesn’t show all the cables and tubes outside the bike frames.

Equally, the external routed dropper post doesn’t require much of work when it comes to set up. It also has an upside point with its easy to wire up system. Even though it seems like an upside to many people, for this reason, it also has the risk of getting damaged.

No matter which type of dropper posts cable routing you are using, it still helps dropper post to work well with a smoother and quicker response for riding outside.

Overall Diameters

Another thing that matters to work out your dropper seat which you definitely want to know is the sizes. Yes, the size of the dropper post indicates more comfort when adjusting the length.

The diameter and drop of dropper posts actually appear in different sizes. Most dropper posts have 30.9mm, 31.6mm, and 34.9mm diameter that are easy to find out. And, the drop should be available in 125mm, 160mm, and 185mm sizes.

On top of that, the length of the dropper post makes sure better movement to higher or lower which is available in 365mm, 435mm, and 485mm. Dropper post diameter actually works well to increase the height.

Remote Hose

Dropper post also uses remote or lever to control that can be done with the mechanical or hydraulic hose to go higher or downwards.

Both mechanical and hydraulic hose help perfectly to support the dropper post for controlling the unit with no sang.

Just like its name, the hydraulic dropper post actually designed with a hydraulic remote seal to adjust the height. The main setups of the hydraulic actually work as same as the brake cable. It is on top transfer the pressure to the lever that pushes by the hose which helps the post to move easily.

In the same way, the mechanical dropper post actually uses mechanical levers with a stainless-steel cable that helps post to respond easily. It actually helps bike dropper post to work mechanically with easy and simple setups. Yet, it has one downside with its bending setups inside the housing that results in worn out.

To be honest, they both make bike dropper post active and responsive to use easily with no trouble. And, both hydraulic and mechanical hose setups help the dropper post to operate well.

Locking Machinery

The locking machinery is also another part that keeps the bike dropper post to stay in one place. With the help of a spring, it helps the dropper post to rise up or down easily.

Most of the time, you’ll see any dropper appears with locking machinery inside of it so that it can hold the seat post in a place. This thing helps the dropper post to easily carry the weight of a person when sitting comfortably on it.

Handle Bar and Seat post Lever

The dropper post actually works well by the use of handlebars or seat post levers separately. In general, the seat post lever actually connected to the dropper post with either mechanical or hydraulic hose.

Also, the seat post levers or remotes are more strengthen for their traditional style. But, when it comes to dropper post support, the handlebars are more useful. The handlebars ensure smother adjustments to fly without even moving your hand from it.

To help your dropper post on adjusting the length, the latest versions of seat post levers are a good option to move with your thumb. It actually helps the dropper seat to adjust the height by using handlebars or the seat post lever.


So that was our take on how does a dropper post work. Apart from knowing about its functioning manner, there are many more things to understand. You’ll be able to meet those curiosities by doing proper research and also, give yourself some time. It’s okay if you don’t understand certain parts. Think the whole process together and things should make sense. Using a dropper post will surely bring lots of convenience to a bike rider.

It’s a Huge Plus, Especially When Going for Long Rides!