How to Connect and Use an Apple Watch to Peloton Bike?

In order to measure how far you have traveled or determine the pace, Apple Watch uses its built-in heart rate monitor and sensors. There is a special feature of the Apple Watch for producing the most accurate result of your workout status in real-time. The feature is called GymKit. Sadly, the Peloton bike doesn’t cooperate with this function.

The Peloton Bike+ works with GymKit but in a restrictive manner. The best part of the GymKit app is the integrated Apple Watch companion app. This allows you to monitor your heart rate on the Apple Watch while doing a workout. But what about the Peloton, Tread, or Tread+ users?

Thankfully, there is a workaround for them that allows an Apple Watch to connect with a Peloton bike. We will show you how to connect and use an Apple Watch to your Peloton bike in this article.      

How to Pair and Connect Apple Watch to Peloton?

Great news! The Gymkit technology has advanced with accommodating both Peloton bike and Peloton Digital App. If you are the owner of an Apple Watch and Peloton bike, and you want to connect them for measuring the status of cadence, distance, power, burned calories, and time; then please follow the step-by-step guide – 

Step 1: Turn On the Gymkit App on Your Watch

First, you need to open the Gymkit workout app. Start scrolling into the app and tap on the “Detect Gym Equipment” tab among many workout equipment. Inside the tab, you can allow the watch to detect your Peloton bike by clicking on the sidebar. Despite all that, you need to make sure both the settings and workout on the watch are suitable for your Peloton ride.

Step 2: Make Your Peloton Touchscreen Ready

Now get onto your Peloton tablet. Make it ready for your workout lessons, whether it is an on-demand or a live class. For an on-demand class,  a ‘Start’ pop-up menu will show on the screen when you select it. Simply click on the class to join it.

For a live class, select your desired one from the touchscreen. Wait for a couple of minutes so that the pairing process of the watch doesn’t time out.

Step 3: Connect the Watch to Your Class

Inside the Apple Watch, click ‘Unlock’ then, point it facing towards the left side of the camera of the Peloton touchscreen. This will sync the watch to the touch screen’ camera via NFC. The watch will vibrate once the connection is established. Also, a prompt message will appear saying ‘Connecting’. Continue with the connection by clicking Ok on the watch.   

Step 4: Begin Your Workout

If the connection is successful, a green logo will appear on both the Apple Watch’s Workout App and the touchscreen workout page (at the top). You will notice the watch is displaying metrics on – 

  • Heart rate (all types of classes)
  • Average pace
  • Best pace 
  • Total calories (not applicable for meditation)
  • Total elevation
  • Total distance 

This means you can track all the possible metrics on the Apple Watch now. Begin your peaceful workout after establishing the connection with your watch by clicking ‘Start’. Luckily, there are no arrangements to disconnect from the watch. It will automatically disconnect once your workout is done.

We recommend watching the following video (from 5:30 seconds) to understand the above process more clearly –

How to Pair an Apple Watch with a Peloton Bike+ Through the GymKit app?

To use the GymKit app with your Peloton Bike+, you need to enable the app first. The rest of the process is almost identical to the process that we have shown above. So, let’s see how to enable the GymKit app – 

  • Using your iPhone or whatsoever, open the Apple Watch App.
  • Then, open the Workout App.
  • Scroll down until you see “Detect Gym Equipment”. Click on it to enable.

Once you have enabled the GymKit app, follow the steps below to complete the pairing process between your Apple Watch and Peloton Bike Plus – 

  • Whether it is live or on-demand, select a class from the Peloton screen.
  • You have to wait for about 1 minute to complete the pairing process when it comes to a live class. As for an on-demand class, you have to click on ‘Start’ when the pop-up menu appears. 
  • Now, place the unlocked Apple Watch facing left to the camera, which is at the top of the screen. 
  • If the watch vibrates, that means – a prompt saying ‘connecting’ has appeared on the screen. At this point, always click Ok to establish the connection.
  • A small green icon will start to show at the top right corner of your Peloton touch screen after you click on ‘Start’ on your desired workout. This means the connection is now secure and active.


How To Sync and Connect Apple Watch To Peloton App?

We have talked earlier in this article that the Gymkit can be used only with a Peloton Bike Plus. But that’s not the case anymore. Gymkit has expanded its availability not only on Apple Watches but also on the Peloton Digital App. 

Yes, that’s correct! The Peloton Digital App is the best alternative when you want to stick to your regular spin bike yet enjoy the benefits of a Peloton bike. The subscription only costs 12.99 dollars. After that, we will have access to tons of classes for your Peloton workout.

Now, let’s get down with the process of syncing and connecting your Apple Watch with the Peloton App – 

Step 1: Download the Peloton App

First of all, you need to download the Peloton app on your iPhone from the Apple App Store. You can scroll through the different apps available or just type Peloton in the search bar for faster results.

Step 2: Open the Peloton App 

Once the app is downloaded, click on it to open it. At the bottom right of the Peloton app, you will find the “More” option. You will be taken to options including the Apple Watch when you will click again.

Step 3: Install the Apple Watch App

Check the option in your Apple Watch. At the bottom of the Peloton’s touch screen, you will see the ‘Install’ button, after clicking the “Set Up” button. Just click on it to install the Apple Watch App.  

Step 4: Establish the Connection

Reopen the Peloton app that you have installed earlier by clicking on it. After opening the app and signing into your account, set the location precisely so that your Apple Watch can track it. Don’t forget to configure movement tracking, burn calories, fitness monitoring, and other possible metrics that your Apple Watch is able to track.

If you have read the steps, we would suggest you watch the following video for more clear understanding – 

Why Isn’t the Apple Watch Pairing or Connecting to the Peloton?

There can be many reasons your watch isn’t connecting with your bike. A common technical issue can be the compatibility of ANT+ and Bluetooth. More specifically, the version of ANT+ and Bluetooth are the reasons why the Apple Watch is unable to connect to your Peloton bike. 

Although most of the heart rate monitors on the market support both Bluetooth and ANT+, the Apple isn’t compatible with the ANT + functionality. Basically, there are two reasons why your Apple Watch cannot connect to your Peloton bike.

The first one is – your Apple Watch isn’t transmitting a Bluetooth signal, which is compatible with your Peloton bike. The second one is, your Apple Watch cannot transmit ANT+.       

Another issue can be your bike itself. As there is a limited number of bikes that are still unable to connect with an Apple Watch. Hopefully, the upcoming update of the Peloton App will solve the issue.

How To Fix Apple Watch Connection Problem to Your Peloton Bike?

Your Apple Watch might be connected to your Peloton bike a few days back, but now it is having issues with the connection. This can happen to both Peloton and Peloton Bike Plus. Proper troubleshooting can solve the issue.

However, reinstalling the app and pairing again can solve the issue. We have found some instructions given by the Peloton’s support team – 

  1. Click on the time, which is in the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Now, navigate to the following directory – 

Device Settings >> Apps >> Peloton 

  1. Click on “Force Stop” to stop running its activities.
  2. If it asks for permission, click on Ok.
  3. After that, go back to the Peloton home screen by clicking on the Peloton Logo.
  4. If you are connected to your WiFi network, a download should begin. You will be asked to log into your account.
  5. Then try connecting to your Peloton bike once again.

The above process should fix the Apple Watch connection problem with your Peloton bike. If not, then try to consult the issue with the Peloton support team. 

You should know that a small percentage of Peloton bikes are not compatible with the above fixing method. However, it will be fixed in the upcoming update of the Peloton App. 

How to Track Heart Rate on a Peloton Bike Using Apple Watch?

As you may already know the Apple GymKit is not available onboard for the standard Peloton, Tread, and Tread+. Therefore, it is not possible to connect them with your Apple Watch to use it as a heart rate monitor; at least not without the help of a third-party app. 

Thankfully, there are some third-party apps to use Apple Watch with Peloton bikes. These apps are available for the Peloton, Tread, and Tread+. So, if you want to track heart rate through the Apple Watch while using your Peloton bike, then you need to download any of the following apps in your iPhone or Apple Watch – 

If you have downloaded either any of these apps or an alternative, you need to go through the following steps to pair your Apple Watch –

  1. Click on the third-party app to open it.
  2. In order to set up, follow the instructions accordingly given by the corresponding app.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth on your Apple Watch and Peloton bike.
  4. On the Peloton bike’s screen, select your preferred workout.
  5. Under the start button, you will find the ‘Heart Rate Monitor’ tab. Click on it.
  6. Under Available Devices, you should see the name of your corresponding third-party app.
  7. Select it and tap ‘Connect’ to start the connection process.

If you have followed the above steps accordingly, the heart rate taken from the Apple Watch should appear on the left side of the home screen. However, it is not as flawless as using the GymKit on the Bike+. 

Depending on the respective third-party app, do exactly what it tells you to do, even pressing the cancel button instead of pairing when the pair pop-up appears. 

Is It Possible to Use Two Heart Rate Monitors With the Peloton By Using the Apple Watch App?

No, it is not possible to use two heart rate monitors with your Peloton bike when you are using the Apple Watch App with it. Actually, you can’t use any heart rate monitor when the Apple Watch is being used as a heart rate monitor itself. More importantly, why do you need one when you can see everything from your watch, right? Once your Peloton bike is activated with the Apple Watch, no other HRM device can’t be connected or used for monitoring heart rate. 

What is the Best Apple Watch to Use with Peloton?

Apple says the watches having WatchOS 6 and later are all compatible with a Peloton or Peloton Bike Plus. But from real-life experience, users have told us that the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 6, and Apple Watch Series 3 are remarkable to be used with a Peloton bike.

Standout Features of Apple Watch SEStandout Features of Apple Watch Series 6Standout Features of Apple Watch Series 3
The Retina OLED display is relatively larger.Works flawlessly with the Peloton App.Provides accurate heart rate.Two times faster than the Apple Watch Series 3.Can be used for other types of workouts rather than Peloton cycling.
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Features an all-new sensor to measure your blood oxygen.Uses the ECG app for checking heart rhythm accurately.Offers a 2.5x brighter Retina display.Excellent for tracking your daily activities and workouts with the dedicated Fitness app.
Buy Apple Watch Series 6 Now  
It is popular for using as a heart rate monitor.Highly compatible with Bluetooth.Relatively cheaper than Apple Watch SE and Series 6. It has an optical heart sensor for accurate results.It is sweat and water-proof.
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Congrats! Now you can finally have the joy of incorporating your stylish Apple Watch lifestyle into your beloved Peloton workouts. The steps that are discussed above are all celar for connecting your Apple Watch to Peloton. Whether you want to connect your Apple Watch to your bike or your digital app, we have discussed everything in this article. All you need to do is follow the right steps and we leave the rest to you to decide to follow the ones that are convenient for you. Thanks for being with us, we hope you have enjoyed reading this article.