How to Connect Apple Watch to Peloton Bike for The First Time?

How to connet Apple watch to Peloton

Peloton world is full of skills, practices, amazing accessories as well as technologies. While exploring this world at some point you will discover a bunch of other things that also play a fun part in this peloton universe.

And one such tech is the fact that you can get your Apple watch connected with your Peloton bike. Peloton usually comes with two Apple features that help in the entire workout routine pretty well.

However, for that first, you need to learn how to connect apple watch to peloton bike the right way. Let’s get that sorted today.

Step by Step Discussion on How to Connect Apple Watch to Peloton

Honestly, you will be able to do this once you hang on with the confusion that is going to come during the first time. Below we will try to explain a bit in detail so that most common perplexities can be sorted. Stay Tuned till The End!

1: Plugging the Power Switch and Other Ports

For knowing how to turn on Peloton bike, you want to start finding the switch of peloton bike to plug in the power supply. It is vital for you to secure the power supply cable near any wall jack. Be sure to check the LED light on the power supply that should turn lighten up in green.

After inserting the power supply, you want to plug in the other section with the suitable ports behind the touch screen and back of Peloton bike rightly. Before going to the next process, make sure all power supply ports are fitting tightly.

2: Powering on the Peloton Bike Screen

Then, you want to stimulate the peloton bike screen by following some simple rules. The smartest way to turn on the peloton bike screen is to hold the power button for 2 seconds straight. If you see the peloton bike screen is turning on, it indicates a successful start.

When you have power on the peloton bike screen, make sure you are busy using it to avoid sleep or inactivity snag. If you don’t use the screen for 5 minutes, it’ll automatically go to sleep. To wake up the bike, you want to again press the power button.

3: Lock the Peloton Bike

Before going to the next step, you want to lock your peloton bike that will cause trouble if not being done sooner. For that, the easiest way to lock your peloton bike is to rotate the resistance knob in the clockwise position to fit the cable rightly.

Now that you have rotates the knob, make sure to run the lock cable all the way through the left pedal and covering the rear stabilizer.

By doing this process, you will see the lock open up. Then, slot in the cable loop and close the lock by rotating dials. Make sure to do it before going to the next process to avoid shaking.

4: Connect to Peloton Bike via Wi-Fi or Ethernet

After activating the Peloton bike, you want to connect the Peloton bike screen for starting it. You can either connect the peloton bike via Wi-Fi or Ethernet network whichever you like. Yet, there are some rules to follow for you to connect easily.

For connecting via a Wi-Fi network, makes sure to write the network name. Know that the connecting process will stimulate automatically if your network is not secured with a password. Conversely, you want to give the password for connecting to a secure network via Wi-Fi. So, connect based on your Wi-Fi network type.

If you want to connect via a corded network, ensure to connect an Ethernet cord to your touch screen port on the backside. This process will work fine by connecting your local area networking system. Just like the Wi-Fi network, this system also connects regularly with no snag.

5: Login to Peloton Account

The next thing you want to do is to log in to the peloton account to start using the app while biking. To sign in to the peloton account, you want to enter your username or email address and password.  If you are new to this thing, make sure to create an account first then login.

For those of you who forget their account, ensure to tap forget password that will ask your email address. Enter the details and find your previous account easily. Make sure to have your Subscription Activation Key or the login information to set up your purchased peloton bike.

6: Adjust Your Profile

When you are successfully logged into your peloton account, it’s now time for you to adjust the profile to give it additional details about yourself. Make sure to give every require information such as your profile leaderboard name.

You can also connect to your Facebook, Spotify, or Apple Music account with peloton bike. The peloton account also gives you additional features to enjoy any classic music from peloton classes.

It also gives you many details through the touch screen such as heart rate, cadence, output, resistance, and other essential details that increase your training style.

After you fishing sorting your account, you can try endurance, strength, or other biking styles to improve yourself as a rider.

Wrap Up

That’s everything you need to know about how to connect apple watch to peloton bike. Hopefully, you will be able to do the thing all by yourself now without any problem or confusion.

The all-new pace and distance metric benefits are crazy helpful. And so, connecting the bike to your apple watch will surely help you get the whole process on double speed.

Better observation will be possible through this and as a result, you will reach your goals pretty faster. Good Luck with That!


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