How to Connect Peloton to TV & Take It to Another Level

Once you are a full-time member of the peloton, the workout starts getting more and more involved in your life. At one point you may want to have all those fantastic content on the big screen to enjoy it fully.

And that’s completely a legit wish. Some workouts are easier to do with the live class streaming through a more visible screen. And if you have a partner then this thing becomes even more vital.

So, today we will be showing love to the matter of how to connect peloton to TV. Don’t worry you will be able to enjoy the TV class at your living or bedroom after this. Just Hang with Us till The End.

Discussing from Start to End About How to Connect Peloton to TV.

It’s only fair to let you know about the entire process in steps for the sake of proper understanding. Below we will be talking in detail about every step. So, sit back and relax, let’s get this covered from this point.

Plug on Your Peloton Bike

You want to plug on your Peloton bike for learning how to connect Peloton to TV. So, hold the main plug-in the closed switch. Make sure you have turned on the button if the switch appears with it.

After plugging the Peloton bike cord, you also want to insert the wall jack inside the required area. If you have done plugging the Peloton bike, head to the next step.

Activate Your Bike Monitor

Then, go to the bike and press the power button for a few seconds. This step is essential so that you can turn on the Peloton bike monitor to do the following steps. If you watch the monitor is activated, make sure you are busy using it to avoid sleep snags.

Sign in To Your Account from the Monitor

After you have turned on the monitor, make sure you have logged into your account before doing anything. So, if you have already long-into automatically, then skip to the next step.

If you haven’t, then make sure to enter your email and password rightly and wait for logging in. Yet, if you a novice then create an account giving full details and log in.

Turn on Your TV

This step is quite easy and simple that you want to turn on the TV. So, plug on the TV wire and switch on the button. After doing these things, wait for the TV to open automatically. Make sure your TV is compatible with the Peloton bike monitors to connect easily.

Here a fact, if you have Apple TV, then makes sure to connect it through your iPhone.  If you have android TV, then follow the next process.

Go to Screen Mirroring or Casting Settings with Your TV

Next, go to your TV casting option and open the casting or mirroring option to set up with your Peloton bike at ease.

To cast rightly, make sure your TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi network of your Peloton monitor. After doing that, cast the Peloton bike monitor.

Head to Settings with Your Bike Monitor

The next thing you want to follow is to go to the settings bar from your Peloton bike monitor to start the actual process faster. If you don’t know where the settings bar is where you’ll find the basic options, check your monitor right down corner, and there you will find the settings bar.

Click on the Display Bar

After heading to the settings, you want to click on the display bar that will be under the device option. If you find the display button make sure to hit it and go straight to the next step to cast your monitor rightly.

Hit the Cast Screen Bar

You will find the cast screen button on the 3rd section of the display option. Make sure you are clicking it to enter. There you’ll find another 2 options that will directly mirror the monitor screen to the TV.

If you didn’t find the cast settings, there is another option. Click on the top right corner and there you’ll find the cast screen bar. Make sure you have clicked the cast screen to do the following steps.

Snap-on the 49° TCL Roku TV Bar

To screen mirror or cast your Peloton monitor into the TV, you want to hit the 49° TCL Roku TV bar as soon as you see it.

Make sure you have connected the Peloton monitor at the same network that the TV is operated. After you have clicked the 49° TCL Roku TV bar, wait for a moment.

Check If Your TV Is Mirroring or Not

After you have done all the process, check if your TV is casting properly or not. If you see that the casting process isn’t working or just loading, then make sure to discontent to the Wi-Fi and then again connect. Also, you can try rebooting your Wi-Fi router before doing the above steps.

Enjoy Any Class

Now you can see the TV is connected to the Peloton bike. Try some online classes by doing the other gym workout, standing on your mat before doing the Peloton classes. So, enjoy your Peloton classes on your TV.

Wrap Up.

And with that, we are hitting the end of today’s discussion about how to connect peloton to TV. We are hopeful that now you won’t be having much confusion left about this matter. Enjoying the workouts on a bigger screen will bloom your experience with peloton no doubt. Especially if you do involve with the floor-based workouts frequently.

So, What Are You Waiting For, Get Your TV Connected & Start Your Peloton Session Along with The Live Class?