How to Connect PowerBeats Pro to Peloton? (5 Easy Steps)

The Peloton bike has built-in speakers for providing the best listening experience. But, many of us are comfortable with headphones. So, if you’re like us, then this guide is for you.

In this article, I provide an in-depth guide on how you can easily connect your beats headphones with a peloton.

How to Connect PowerBeats Pro to Peloton

Can PowerBeats headphones connect to Peloton?

Peloton bikes come with speakers to provide the best listing experience when you’re doing the workout. 

But, If you want to listen to anything using headphones, you need to have Bluetooth-enable headphones to pair with Peloton. 

Generally, Beats headphones are equipped with this feature. So, You can use Beats headphones with your Peloton bike.

How do I Pair and Connect Powerbeats Pro with Peloton? (Video Included)

The pairing process between beats and Peloton is super easy. Just follow the following step to connect beats with Peloton.

Step 1: 

You need to first enable Bluetooth in your beats. For this, long press on the power button until your beats flashing red light. If it does not work, then press both volume buttons. 

Hopefully, that time you’ll notice the red flashing light. Also, ensure that your device won’t connect with other devices.

Step 2: 

Now, move to your Peloton bike screen and click on the menu option, which is located on the bottom right-hand side as three dots.

Step 3: 

Some options will pop up. Find out the “Device Settings” option and select it.

Step 4: 

Find the bluetooth setting on the left side of the screen and select it.

Step 5: 

Now, toggle the bluetooth setting to “ ON.” After turning on the bluetooth, you’ll notice your beats headphones name. Just click on your beats device name, and it’ll start to pair with the peloton bike. 

Step 6:  

Congratulations, you successfully pair and connect beats with Peloton.

How do I pair my Powerbeats 3 with Peloton?

For connecting Powerbeats 3 with the peloton bike, just hold the power button for 5 seconds. You’ll notice a light flash that means now your bike is ready to pair with Peloton. 

Now, follow step 2 to step 6 from the above sections to pair Powerbeats 3 with Peloton.


If you want to connect your headphones with your bike, then your device should have bluetooth enable options. 

For this, you can easily connect your Beats headphones with Peloton as it has a bluetooth connection option. And, from the above sections, you already know how to do this task. So, I hope the article helps you.

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