How to Deglaze Brake Pads? [Do It Properly]

Do you know what makes you enjoy the best braking performance? Friction! And that’s basically the capability of brake pad to grab onto the metal brake rotor. With a compromised functioning here, things can be not enjoyable with the brake performance. And so, maintaining healthy brake pads is one priority thing you should be focusing on.

However, even healthy brakes can sometimes be pushed beyond their limits. And that can result in building up more glaze. Now brake glazing is basically a term that means the friction material is hardened due to some excessive heating going on.

Today we will be looking through a guide that will help you to learn how to deglaze brake pads and bring back the friction that was diminished earlier.

Complete Detail on How to Deglaze Brake Pads.

The process of deglazing is not something you can play with. It’s full of risks if you get your focus sidetracked. So, from the start to finish, we would encourage you to gradually proceed and not rush things carelessly. Let’s Go…

Remove the Tire from the Bike

When searching for how to deglaze brake pads, the first thing you want to do is to remove the tire from the bike. To do this, you want a few tools right next to you such as jack, lug wrench, and gloves.

If you have them at home then it’s fine to start the process. However, if not, then grab them from the nearest store. Then, you want to wear gloves to avoid the dirt from the tire that has been used many times.

After that, put the jack under the bike and make sure it is placed in the right way. Then, you want to lift up the bike with the jack. Make sure to use a piece of wood under the jack so that it doesn’t move. If you are done putting the wood under the jack, then raise rise it rightly.

Make sure you haven’t placed any tools under the jack that has been raised as it can cause injury to both you and the tools.

Next, detach the lug bolts by using the wrench to loosen them and then use your hand to detach the nuts. After that, you want to take out the flat tire by dragging it gently from the hub.

Make sure you have placed the tire in a resting position after removing it from the bike to avoid roll away. If you are done removing the tire, go to the next step.

Take Out the Brake Pads

After that you have detached the tire from the bike, you want to take out the brake pads. This step is quite easy if you know where the parts are set or placed in.

For a beginner, it may be hard to find out all by themselves. If it’s your first time, look at the parts of the brake rotors that look like a round plate. Inside the brake rotor, you’ll see the brake pads that should be rested in the right side of it.

Take it out after you have found out the brake pads and rush to the following step for finding out more.

Use 60 Grit Sand Paper

Then, you want to use a 60-grit sandpaper to deglaze brake pads with no snag. As you want to make your brake pads deglaze, it’s vital to use something that helps it to return to its natural form.

To do the process in the right way, use the 60-grit sandpaper on top of the brake pads in rubbing motion. It’ll help the brake pads to deglaze easily. When deglazing the brake pads, make sure you are doing it in the front to back motion so that all the body touches the sandpaper.

Make sure you are using the 60-grit sandpaper continuously so that the brake pads deglaze easily. It will help the brake pads to achieve the shiny finish faster.

You can also deglaze the brake pads by running it on the floor in rubbing motion for some minute. However, it will cause your floor to become a mess. After you have done using the sandpaper, rush to the next step.

Slightly Chamfer the Edge of Bike Pads

The next thing you want to do is to slightly chamfer the edge of the bike pads rightly with the help of the file. You see, it’s vital to deglaze the bike pads backside that helps good fitting in the brake rotor.

To deglaze the brake pads with the file, you want to slightly sharp the edges of bike pads. Make sure you are using the file only on the edges of bike pads to slightly bevel.

But, if your front or rear brake pads has anti-vibrator in the backside, then don’t do this step. However, if not, make sure to follow it as it’ll help to deglaze easily. After you have done edging the bike pads, run to the next step.

Clean the Brake Pads

And then, you want to clean the brake pads to get rid of the stains. To clean the brake pads in the right way, use a rag or cloth, and simply wipe it. And, this is how you can deglaze your bike pads easily.

Wrap Up.

Looks like we just solved your question on how to deglaze brake pads. Brakes are a pretty critical component; you don’t want to mess with them. And if you do then get ready to face a replacement charge. However, sometimes you can’t just skip the call for a sure replacement. Because in a few cases, the brake pad may have lost the ability to deglaze. So, Be Sure to Check the Differing Point.