How to Increase Output on Peloton? (7 Effective Tricks)

The secret behind staying fit is to create routines and form habits accordingly. This will allow you to use the maximum potential of your Peloton bike. 

Peloton not only includes cycling classes but also other forms of exercises like yoga, meditation, strength, etc. So you have many options for other exercises when you just can’t get on the bike anymore.

In this article, we are going to give some tips and tricks on how to increase output on Peloton. So, if you’re new to Peloton and want to get the most out of your bike or are already on your 100th ride, we’re sure you’ll find something useful here.

7 Effective Tricks to Increase Output on Peloton Easily

Yes, you heard it right! You will only need to follow these 8 steps to get the most of your Peloton bike. So, let’s begin with the first one – 

Get a Suitable Peloton Bike Shoe

You don’t want to start pedaling your Peloton bike barefoot, right? Yes, you may have decent shoes that might be enough for Peloton cycling. However, there is no harm in getting better-quality shoes. Riding your Peloton bike wearing quality athletic shoes will enhance your output on Peloton as well as keep you comfortable for a longer period of time.

Not to mention, you will need a compatible show that can adjust the cleat mechanism of the Peloton bike. Not all shoes can adapt to the cleat mechanism. On top of that, some shoes come with cleats and toe cages for better grip during intense cycling. However, it can make it difficult to pull your foot off the paddle.   

Ensure the Most Appropriate Settings of Your Peloton Bike

Your maximum output on Peloton can’t be achieved without a comfortable setting. Apply the recommended setting by Peloton to exercise for a longer period of time without getting exhausted. Configurations like seat height, seat depth, fore/aft position, handlebar height, and others should be adjusted to your utmost convenience. Also, you can swap any parts like the seat of your Peloton bike to ensure you are always comfortable during your training sessions. We have already written an article on how to make a Peloton seat more comfortable, you should definitely check that out. You should not miss any common errors that go unnoticed. 

We recommend watching this video to make sure you have configured everything for maximum comfort.

Make Sure You Are Having Nutritious Food

To remain fit, only exercising is not going to help. You need to have nutritious food as well. A regular breakfast with oatmeal, bananas, and almonds will ensure your body is getting the right nutrition to keep you healthy. Not having a nourishing meal on a daily basis while exercising intensely can make you weak instead of strong. 

Also, drinking enough water is crucial. You will become dehydrated for continuous hours of spinning and not drinking water for once. So, don’t forget to drink water or energy drinks from time to time during exercising. This will also help you to regain your energy and take the next Peloton class.     

Take Strength Classes Before Getting on Your Peloton Bike

Take strength classes before starting Peloton lessons. Why? It will make your body flexible by overcoming inertia. When you take strength classes wearing compression garments, both blood and oxygen flow in your body will increase. This is how the pros usually train. 

They stretch every time you can. Yes, stretching is the most important part of the entire workout. If you begin to spin without taking strength classes, your body will become more prone to injuries. This will also make the next ride more difficult making you exhaust exceedingly.  

Get Self Motivation

To reach your Peloton goal, it is important to make yourself motivated. One effective way to keep you motivated during your training classes is to listen to motivational music or songs. Like seriously, even the experts suggest listening to the music during training that motivates you. 

As a result, choose the classes that have the most motivational soundtracks and save them. Having a My Peloton Music with a playlist of motivational songs can do a great job for this. Just hit the volume button on the right side of the display and change the playlist. You may need to do this each time as it always resets back.

Power Zone Training Is Necessary

First, let us talk a little about power zone training. Power training zones are built on the basic principles of exercise physiology as well as nearly two decades of experience with strength-based training in both laboratory and field. The logic behind the establishment of these principles are based on the following schemes – 

  • The basis of the system and number of zones
  • Determination of Lactate Threshold Power
  • Guidelines for heart rate
  • Guidelines for Perceived Exertion (PE)
  • Other issues

This table will show how power zone training improves various aspects of your body for the ultimate training – 

Aspect NameAverage PowerAverage HRPerceived Exertion
Active Recovery<55%<68<2
Lactate Threshold91-105%95-105% (May vary)4-5
VO2 Max106-120%>106%6-7

Mostly, the professionals follow such scientific methods to ensure they can train for endurance, improve their threshold powers, and can hold higher outputs on Peloton rides. As a general user, there is no harm in following this.

Do an FTP Test Every Month

You should have an FTP check once a month to track your progress. FTP stands for “Functional Threshold Power” and is usually described as an output that one can sustain for around one hour. It is important to keep you warm and encourage you to take the test again.

For example, if you take a 20 minute FTP test, it will record your maximum average power for 20 minutes.

An FTP test updates your status so you know which zone you should aim to train while taking classes, this is the added bonus.

Wrapping Up

So, did you find out how to increase output on Peloton? We assume you did. We suggest following all the tips that are described in this article. If you don’t want to, then try to follow as many tips as you can.

So, you should at least follow the strategies that are easy to follow such as eating healthy food, ensuring the best peloton setting, getting the right shoes, listening to inspirational songs to increase your peloton output.

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