How to Move a Peloton Bike When Shifting to Your New Home?

Maybe you are shifting into your new home. And with that event coming up, you also need to think about moving all your workout equipment into the new house as well. The peloton bike is not the hardest to move if done with a little carefulness.

Also, with the help of a friend, this unwieldy and heavy framed bike is going to feel much easier to transfer. So, think about that.

Well, apart from this there are more things to consider for this entire moving need. And today we will be discussing exactly that in this guide on how to move a peloton bike.

Elaborating How to Move a Peloton Bike Easily & Safely.

Moving the bike from one room to another isn’t actually a very particular topic to talk about. However, through this guide, we are hoping you’ll be able to get ideas about that as well. Let’s not wait and jump right into it.

Get a Shoulder Dolly from the Store

The first step of how to move a Peloton bike is to buy a shoulder dolly or moving strap from any near market. Most shoulder dollies will cost you no more than 20 dollars.

This item is essential for starting the moving process of a Peloton bike. It also helps when you are pulling your bike which stretches between the harnesses.

Ask Your Buddy to Help You Moving the Peloton Bike

After you have got a moving strap or shoulder dolly, ask your friend to help you in moving the Peloton bike in the truck.

If you do all the following processes all by yourself, it would output injury. Also, the Peloton bikes are quite heavy with 135 lbs. So, try offering your friend for some food or snacks to help you out.

Lift Your Bike Handlebar and Seats to the Downward

Then, remove the adjusting rods so that you can lower your Peloton bike handlebar and seat to the downwards. You can find the adjusting rods under the seat and handlebar in the front side.

Make sure your Peloton bike is not weighing too much on the backside. If you do that, try to remove the parts and take them one by one.

Cover Your Peloton Bike with A Clothe or Bubble Wrap

Next, cover your Peloton bike with a long clothe or bubble wrap. In this step, you want to cover all the parts such as handlebar, seat, pedal, and flywheel carefully to avoid any damages when moving through the truck.

Try to use useless clothe. Make sure to enfold the clothe or bubble wrap with bungee cords or tape. It also protects all the bike parts from getting scuffs.

Tie Your Shoulder Dolly in X Shape

After that, you want to use the harness over your head and place it by making an X shape on your back. The front side of your left and the right shoulder should have a good space to move the Peloton bike rightly.

Make sure to keep the connecting buckle made of metal on your front view. If you see everything perfect, then go to the next step.

Glide the Lifting Strap below Your Bike

Glide the lifting strap under your peloton bike to make sure it is positioning in the right way. Try to do this step after lifting one side of your bike and then glide the lifting strap.

Next, tell your friend to lift the backside of your bike and you can lift the strap in the end of the bike. Make sure it is placed securely in 2 by 2 feet in both back and front view.

Set the Movers on the Bike and Fasten the Straps

Take the lifting strap inside your shoulder dolly metal part to connect rightly. Try to knit it through the back and front part of the buckle.

Make sure you have set the lifting strap rightly that you can feel the tension on your shoulder when standing straight.

Carry the Bike with Straight Arms

Raise the bike to carry it with your arms. Ensure that you are lifting the bike in one side and your friend is on the other side to make it right.

Keep your hand straight in front of you to balance the bike easily. Tell your friend if you need something or take a break.

Take the Bike Close to Your Moving Truck

Now, you want to carefully lift the bike next to the moving truck. Make sure you are walking straight and taking a break if you feel tired or pain on your arm.

When you are taking a break, try to drink some water and widen your arms to avoid pain or discomfort easily.

Remove the Shoulder Dolly and Pack It

When you have done lifting the bike near to your truck, then load it manually. Remove the shoulder straps and lift with your legs. Tell your friend to support you to lift your Peloton bike if needed.

Take the Bike to Your Place by Truck

After putting it on the truck, drive slowly to your place. Again, ask your friend to move it to your room by lifting it.

Wrap Up!

And that was basically everything we wanted you to know about how to move a peloton bike. There are surely many professional moving services that can help you here.

If you think that getting help from a friend might not be possible for some reason, you can also consider seeking professional help. There are some really helpful professional moving companies to try. Just look into your locality and you should be able to find one.

However only when you are not ready to do it yourself. Because It’s Not That Complicated nor Hard Honestly.