How To Put On A Bike Tire: With Or Without Tools

Do you want to know how to put on a bike tire like an expert? In this article, I will not only show you the proper way but also reveal the trick to do it without using any tools.

If you have never changed a tire, you will find it difficult to do it for the first time. Here, I am sharing some tips and tricks so that you can successfully put on the tire without any frustration.

Also, you may need to change or repair a leaked bike tube on a trip without having tire levers at hand. To tackle any situation, read the whole article, and you would be ready to go on a trip tension-free.

How To Put On A Bike Tire And Tube With Tools?

Before I move on to the steps and details, let me describe what the bead is and its purpose. It will help you understand the little tricks better and finish the task successfully. As I am describing steps that require tools, you should buy tire levers if you haven’t got a pair already.

Clarification: The bead is the lower portion of a tire that is built specifically to hitch up to your rim. For getting an idea about how the bead keeps the tire in place, you need to see the rim construction. The rims are not flat on the inside. They are concave and have less than an inch of circumference in the middle than the sides. So, when the tube gets filled with air, the beads and shape of the rim ensure a tight and secure fit.

To put the tire back in, you must know how to take off a bike tire. Read my detailed guide and make sure you are doing it right. After that, you can get benefited from the following instructions.

Step 1: Put half of the tire and the tube back on the wheel. Use your fingertips to feel the tube inside the tire and push the tube up.

Step 2: Again, use the fingers to put the top of the tire back on the wheel. It is better to do it facing out.

Step 3: Keep rolling while fingertips pushing the tube up and palms putting the tire in place. It should keep getting tighter as you close in.

Step 4: In the last 8” or 9” almost impossible portion, you have to use the levers. Slide it little by little and stop right before the tube valve.

Step 5: Here, use the palms of your hands to slide the last part back in. otherwise, the lever can damage the tube on the valve’s position.

That is all but be careful about the tube placement. To make sure that everything is in place, wiggle around the tire, and see whether any part of the tube is poking underneath the tire. When you are certain that the tube is perfectly in place, inflate it.

Tips: Leave the valve are of the tire for the last because it is a bit thicker than other parts. Doing it in the last keeps it secure.

How To Put On A Bike Tire Without Tools?

If you are planning to change a tube or tire without tools, you will also need to know how to take off a tire without levers.

Let’s see how you can complete the process simply using some tricks and your thumbs. The instructions apply for both the front and rear wheel.

  • Firstly, unscrew the valve of the tube and deflate the tire leaving no air in it, and loosen up the quick-release nuts and drop the wheel.
  • Secondly, wiggle the bead loose for the whole way around the rim. When you do that, you will see the bead now has extra room to get over the rim.
  • Thirdly, hold the wheel, and pull one small portion of the tire with some extra force using both hands towards you. Do it for the rest of the tire and you would be able to take off the tube also.
  • Then, put the new tube or tire back to your rim. For a time, half of the tire goes in, and another half sticks out. Make sure that any part of the tube is not trapped under the bead.
  • Again, wiggle all way around the wheel so that the tube sits comfortably in the tire and rim.
  • Now, start putting the tire back around the rim, and you would be down to an 8” or 9” portion that seems impossible to put back in.

Trick: Use your thumbs and release the bead again while keeping pressure on the small 8” or 9” portion. It would make room for the tire to get placed like the second step.

  • Finally, you should be able to slip the last little part right on easily.

If you are still having a hard time doing the last part, do the trick part once again, and you will be good to go.


Knowing how to put on a bike tire (with or without tools) can give you a different level of confidence while going on a trip. These small maintenance tips also help save a lot of money as you don’t need to take the help of a mechanic.

I hope that you understand the instructions and little tricks. Now, are you ready to test the last method that doesn’t require any tools? Let me know if you have faced any problems while following any of the techniques. I will try to solve it as soon as possible.

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