How to Remove a Stripped TORX Screw from Your Bicyle?

How to remove a stripped torx screw

Trying a DIY to solve a problem needs some research and understanding. But sometimes the issue is so rare that there’s hardly any discussion that seems helpful.

Being one of the rare troubles, the case is quite similar to the matter of removing stripped TORX screws. And this thing usually sources when accidentally the bolt head gets stripped and so the user ends up failing to make adjustments to the seat of bike anymore.

No worries, we are here to tell you about a general DIY guide on how to remove a stripped TORX screw with quite easy steps.

Breaking Down Methods on How to Remove a Stripped TORX Screw.

Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with DIYs and trying things themselves. So, a guide that isn’t very typical or complicated is what we are aiming to do today. That’s why we will be breaking down different methods and processes for better understanding and convenience purposes. Wish us luck… Let’s Go!

Remove Stripped Torx Screw with Rubber Band

There is a simple yet effective way that solves the trouble of how to remove a stripped Torx screw. You can easily remove that with the help of a rubber band and screwdriver.

To be honest, it’s quite frustrating if your stubborn screw doesn’t come out no matter what you do. The rubber band also has a chewy surface that can help to keep the screwdriver on the stubborn screw head to come out smoothly.

It actually doesn’t matter what type of rubber band you are using to get the job done. Yet, the wide bands work perfectly to remove the stripped Torx screw.

Now get to the actual process, by placing the elastic band above the driver tad. Then, drag tight and carefully place in the driver into the stripped screw top. Twist the screw to loosen up. If you see the Torx screw is twisting fine then continue doing this way until the screw emerges.

Follow the next steps, if you see no outcome of using the rubber band and screwdriver.

Detach Stripped Torx Screw with Drill

Another way you can follow to remove your stripped Torx screw is by drilling. This technique is quite easy which you only want to drill on the stripped screw.

If you see the stripped Torx screw is attached tightly on the material, then grab your electric drill to dig out it. Make sure you have opened the toss of the drill and put it in the head of the screw. After that, use your hand to tighten for protecting the jaws of the toss.

Ensure to place the drill to reverse the system and carefully pull out of the screw. This trick is really effective on any threaded screw or bolts that have been struck for a long time. If you don’t have an electric drill, then follow the other steps.

Disengage Stripped Torx Screw with Screw Extractor

You can get rid of the stripped screw by using the screw extractor that works like magic to detach. Screw extractions are shaped just like bolts to easily bring out the stubborn Torx screw with no trouble.

As screw has right-hand twist design, the screw extraction is easy to use for its left-hand twisting surface. However, there is one thing you want to check before using a screw extractor which would be the size. Be sure to do this step with an accurate screw extractor.

Pack your screw extractor into the drill and check if the extractor is attaching rightly before using it. Then, lock the drill into reverse gear. As they are left-handed, so you want to set it in reverse to pull out the stripped screw. Now, place it on the screw and start drilling.

You want to continue drilling until the screw comes out of the material. If the stripped screw doesn’t work out, then you want to go to the next step.

Unfasten Stripped Torx Screw by Cutting a Notch

Another way you can try to remove the stripped Torx screw is to use a notch. As the notch actually damage the material by cutting the stripped screw head with a rotating tool.

You want to use this rotating tool based on the stripped screw deepness as it will damage the material if you cut excessive.

To do this step rightly, grab a rotating tool with a cutting wheel to cut the single shot of the stripped screw head. By doing this, you will reach the Torx screw, and with a screwdriver remove the screw out.

Unlock Stripped Torx Screw with a Wood Plug Cutter

If any of the upper steps doesn’t work out, then you want to remove the stripped Torx screw with a wood plug cutter. This step is least liked by us for its destructive damages to the material than using a notch.

To start doing this step, put the wood plug cutter in an electric drill and place it rightly. Attach the plug cutter in the wood and remove the upper material. Then, take away the plug cutter and clean the surface.

After that, you want to use a screwdriver to take out the stripped Torx screw easily.

Wrap Up.

You made it till the end! We hope now you have a broad perspective over the entire matter of how to remove a stripped TORX screw all by yourself. Using the right tool for this process is the key here. That thing needs to be figured out by you. Greasing your bolts will also help a lot here. There are many tips we want to give you but let’s keep it short and simple. See You Again in Another Fun Topic Soon!


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