How to Remove Bike Crank Without Puller Tool?

how to remove bike crank without crank puller

You don’t have to be a pro mechanic for learning basic tool use and bike maintenance tips. That’s something you should be learning if your bike matters even the slightest to you. Disasters never show up giving you a notification of their arrival. And so, you must be prepared with what might happen when you are on a ride with your mountain bike.

The solution to one quite-happened disaster that we will be covering today is removing bike crank when there’s no puller tool with you. That may be a bit inconvenient but not something impossible. So, let’s start with how to remove bike crank without puller tool.

Discussing the Safe Way on How to Remove Bike Crank Without Puller.

Identifying the issue and picking a replacement tool for the puller needs some common bike maintenance sense. If someone completely new to such chore is reading this, then you don’t have to worry much. We have designed this tutorial for anyone from knows-nothing to further above. Let’s Get into It!

Take Out the Cap of Bike Crank

If you want to know how to remove bike crank without puller, the first thing you want to do is to take out the cap of the bike crank. In this process, you want to take out the cap that is positioning in the center of the crank and look quite similar to a hexagon.

Some bike cranks don’t come with a cap in the center of it. So, before doing it, check if the cap has in your bike crank to easily find out. If you have, then continue doing this process.

To do the process, use a screwdriver straight under the border of the cap. Make sure to place it with a little force so that it could pop out of its place easily. It will result in your crank cap to come out of the crank.

Ensure you are using the screwdriver carefully for not damaging the cap or other parts. If you are done removing the cap, run to the next step.

Use Allen Key to Release the Pinch Bolts

The next thing you want to do is to use the Allen key to release the pinch bolts from the crank. For that, you want to locate the pinch bolts that can have 2 smaller bolts or one.

It should position in the crank arm so check them to understand. After finding it, you want to take a 5mm Allen key. To loosen the pinch bolts, use the Allen key inside the hole of the crank arm by rotating the key to the left direction.

If you do this process, it’ll help you to take out the crank from the bike easily. When doing this process, make sure you have detached the plastic screws on the left. This will result in the pinch bolt coming out effortlessly. After removing the pinch bolts, go to the next step.

Attach the Allen Key to Remove the Crank Bolts

Again, you want to use the Allen wrench to take out the crank bolts. To do it in the right way, you want to turn the Allen wrench that is attached to the crank hole in the left direction to loosen up carefully.

Make sure you are continuously turning the Allen wrench to the left position until it completely takes off the crank bolts. If your bike has crank bolts in both sides, make sure you are taking out all the crank bolts in the right way by using the Allen wrench.

When you are doing this process, try to use 4mm Allen wrench to easily pull out the crank bolts. After removing the crank bolts, then rush the next step.

Take Out the Crank from the Bike

After that you have removed the crank bolts rightly, you want to check if your bike has a self-extracting crank. The easiest way to find out the self-extracting crank is it should come with 1 crank bolt in one side of the bike.

If you see that your bike has a self-extracting crank, you want to follow this step. When doing this process, you don’t need any special to use.

Just use the Allen wrench to remove the crank from your bike easily. Many people find it risky yet if you do this step carefully and slowly it will work out fine.

To remove the crank, you want to glide the crank off the spindle. You want to twist the spindle for quite some time to remove the crank rightly. Then, lift the crank arm from the bike to take out the crank easily.

After that, you want to pull out the bottom bracket by using your hand. Then, take out the remaining arm that is rested inside the bike. Once you have done removing the crank from the bike, then follow the next step.

Clean Up the Crank

After that you have taken out the crank form the bike, you want to finish the process by cleaning up the parts. For that, use a clean cloth to wipe down the crank. Make sure to check the crank to see if any damage occurs during these processes. And, this is how you will remove the crank without problems.

Final Verdict

We hope the elaboration that was just done will be able to meet your curiosity on how to remove bike crank without puller. You can now go ahead and use this guide for the process. Just be sure with being gradual and not hurrying things. Often time the simplest matter gets perplexed due to hastiness. And that’s something you don’t want to deal with. So Be Gradual & Get Things Sorted!

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