Laid-back Guide on How to Remove Master Link!

how to remove master link

Removing the master chain link for let say replacement purpose is not a very hardcore task to do. Unless you have never done this before. We agree that for the first-timers, this process brings a lot of annoyance and frustration.

But let’s not make that happen and know the right method of how to remove master link. Anybody can pull this off for their mountain bike. However, the need for a proper tool has to be mentioned when we are talking about master link removal.

Usually, that is the major reason behind all the frustration and troubles we face. Let’s Get into It.

Let’s Know Steps on How to Remove Master Link.

Those who have experience with such removals will usually show lots of creativity for removing the master link. Some may use a shoestring while others can do it with bare hands. Since you are doing it for the first time, the chances of messing up aren’t very low. So, let’s play things safe and learn something not directed toward any damage.

Get a Suitable Tool to Start the Process

To start the actual process of how to remove master link, you want to get a suitable tool. You see, the master link is not designed to detach with a specific tool. To remove it, you want a good tool that can squeeze to release the master link from its place.

Most people use multiuse pliers to remove the master link. Yet, you still need a few things to use for removing the master link. If you have pliers at home then you should start the process. However, if not, then you need to grab a long nose and multiuse pliers at the near store.

These tools help the master link to release finely without harming. You can also get Park Tool chain link pliers to remove it from your bike chain.

Another thing that you’ll need to pick is a gear cable and wire hanger. This small tool is really necessary to continue the other processes. So, once you have all the items right beside you, follow the next step.

Secure Your Hand with Gloves

The next thing you want to do after getting all the tools for your removal process is to wear a glove. You defiantly don’t want to touch a chain that has dirt on it. So, it’s better to wear a glove to avoid this type of trouble.

If you wear a glove before starting the process of removing the master link, you can avoid the injuries too. When doing all the steps without wearing the glove, it can give a scratch or harm to your hand. So, it’s best to war a secured glove before going to the following steps.

Use a Wire Hanger

After that, you want to use a wire hanger for keeping the chain in one position. Usually, a wire hanger doesn’t need to be brought from a store as you can make them at home.

Just get a strong wire and cut the body only to emerge the steel wire in the one side. Then, do the same thing to the other side of the wire hanger. After making your DIY wire hanger, you want to place it in the bike chain.

To place in the right way, make sure the wire is placing in the front and backside so that the master link stays in the middle to remove easily. Only attach the wire hanger without bending it in the chain. If you are done attaching the wire hanger, then do the following step.

Insert the Gear Cable inside the Master Link Hole

Next, you want to place a gear cable inside the master link hole from one side to another. For that, make sure you have grabbed a gear cable that is straight. Then, slowly without bending or twisting anything you want to insert the gear cable.

Make sure you are inserting one side of the wire in the one hole of the master link. Then, turn the wire to the other side of the master link hole so that it could touch the upper part of it. After doing this process, go to the next step.

Tie around the Master Link

Then, you want to twist the gear wire around the master link to make a perfect knot. For that, make sure you have twisted the gear wire again in the same direction and the other wire to the reverse side of the master link hole. That will result in a tight knot to continue the following step.

Use the Tools Stretch to Extensive

Afterward, you want to use the brought long nose pliers and multiuse pliers to extensive the master link. When you have done making knot, you’ll see both sides have left some wire behind. You want to place the two pairs of pliers in the wire to expand the size for tightening the master link.

Press Down to Detach the Master Link

Once you are done doing all the steps above, it’s time for you to put the pressure to detach the master link. For that, make sure you are pressing by expanding the wire that is tied down to the master link. Continue pressing down with the wire until you see it has removed.

Wrap Up.

And we are by the end of today’s discussion. Now you should know about how to remove master link without much confusion on hand. The importance of getting a proper chain tool is the last thing we want to suggest. It’s probably the safest and more convenient gear you should think about getting. To be honest, the tool is fairly inexpensive. It’ll be so much better if you have the proper tool along with you present whenever the adjustment need pops out while on a field ride.

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