How To Remove Stuck Bike Pedals

How to remove stuck bike pedals? – [8 Simple Steps to Do]

Have you ever tried to remove stuck bike pedals? If you are a regular biker or have minimal knowledge about bikes you might know how difficult it is to remove stubborn bike pedals.

Sometimes the bike pedals- especially the old bike pedals are stuck in such ways that it seems to have no ways to remove them. You might give up before giving a real try and end up reaching the professionals.

Now, how to remove stuck bike pedals? To be honest, removing stuck is not easier as people usually think. It needs proper steps with efficient knowledge. For instance, pedaling basic and abc about the bike.

However, let’s start!

How to remove stuck bike pedals (Step by Step)

Before going to main process you need to know about your pedals, what tools you need and how to set your bicycle. So lets start with this initial process.

Knowing the pedals:

If you want to deal with stuck bike pedals all by yourself, you need to educate yourself a little bit. Knowing the types and structures of the pedals can help you handle them properly.

You need to know that both pedal threads are different. The right side pedal has the right-hand thread and so you need to remove it counterclockwise and the left one has the left-hand thread which should be removed clockwise.

Necessary tools:

You may need various kinds of equipment to remove stuck bike pedals. It mainly depends on the level of stiffness of the pedals.

You may need 15 mm wrench, 6 mm hex wrench, cheater bar, hammer, oil, a block of wood, gas flame cooking stove etc.

Do not freak out by seeing so many items for this task. You do not need all of them to remove the pedals. Honestly, it depends on the leverage strength.

Setting the Bike:

Before starting to remove the pedals, you need to mount the bike on the repair stand. It would be better if you stand the bike against any wall. It will give you enough support to keep the balance of the whole bike.

Start the Pedal Removing Progress Now

Here are the following steps you should take when removing stuck from bike pedals.

Step 1: Spraying Oil On Pedal Threads

As you are going to remove stuck pedals, it is obvious that the threads would be dry or corroded. So you need to add some oil or spray a little penetrating fluid to loosen the pedals.

Spray the oil especially on the parts where the crank arm is attached with the pedals and let it sit for at least 15 minutes.

Step 2: Normal Wrench Or Hex

Decide which pedal you want to remove first and set the bike according to it. You also need to decide whether you are using a normal wrench or a hex wrench.

Normal wrench needs to be placed on the spindle flats and should be turned against the thread lines just as I have mentioned earlier.

But hex wrench needs to placed on the port of the inside part of the pedal.

Step 3: Change Chain Position

Place your chain on the largest chain ring so that you can avoid any kind of possible cuts from the chain ring teeth. Rotate the bike till the pedals are comfortably accessed.

Step 4: Find the Right Pedal Position

For the right side pedal, face towards the drive side of the bike and turn the crank arm at 3 o’clock position.

But for the left side of the pedal, face opposite the drive side and turn the crank arm at 9 o’clock position.

Step 5: Use Of A Wood Block

While turning the pedals with the wrench, place a block of wood between both pedals. It would be better if someone will hold it for you. If it’s not possible, hold the opposite crank arm while turning the other one.

Step 6: Use Of Hammer

As the pedals are stubborn you can use a hammer to budge the wrench. You can also use a cheater bar to lengthen the wrench for comfortable leverage.

Remember that your foot has more strength than your arm. Using your foot will give you an extra advantage as it can allow you to use your weight for turning the wrench. It can also prevent unnecessary injuries as you will be far away from the sharp edges of the bike.

Hold the brakes while turning the pedals with your foot so that you can keep the balance.

Step 7: Use Heat When Needed

If still the pedals are not loosened enough to budge then you need to use heat. You need to be careful while following this step. As you know any stuck thing can loosen with the help of heat, it doesn’t mean you have to use high heat.

As I have mentioned about the gas flame, please be careful while using it. I would suggest not to use it if you are not skilled enough.

To remove the pedal from the aluminium crank, use the gas flame on to the petal edge of the crank just until it can sizzle with wet contact.

You can use heat through other sources. For example, hairdryer or hot water. Sometimes a little bit of heat is enough to stir things up. You can pour the hot water over the pedal end of the crank arm to heat it up.

But be careful while using hot water as some bikes can be heat sensitive. So do not heat the crank arm area above a safer temperature otherwise your bike will be ruined.

Step 8: Remove Other Side Pedal

As you have tried all the things and so I hope you have got positive results before step 7. Step 8 is about using the same method with the other side of the pedal.

Turn the bike around and follow the same steps but remember to go against the thread line to remove pedals.


If all these attempts and steps are not enough to remove your stuck bike pedals, then go straight to the professionals.

Getting frustrated over something or damaging the whole thing would not benefit you. It will cost you some bucks, but trust me it wasn’t on your hands!