How to Transport a Bike Without a Rack: Do It Instead!

how to transport a bike without a rack

Not everyone is blessed to live in a neighborhood that is great for biking. And so, most people have this concern related to transporting their bike at some point. Especially for folks who are mountain bikers but they reside in the city.

Also, the thrill we get to enjoy in mountain biking is nowhere standing close to riding in the neighborhood. Now those who have already give this some thought and bought themselves a bike rack, congratulations. You have saved yourself from many troubles.

On the other hand, those who are yet to buy one, we are here to help you with how to transport a bike without a rack.

How to Transport a Bike Without a Rack Discussed in Steps.

Technically, you still can transport your bike without a rack. But of course, under a lot of consideration and carefulness. We are hoping to make that sure by talking about points you need to know below in depth.

Clean the Bike

The first step of how to transport a bike without a rack is cleaning. Of course, you don’t want to place the bike in your vehicle leaving dirty. As it will filth your vehicle which causes you double work to do.

For that reason, you want to clean before placing it inside or on the top of the bike. Make sure to clean the bike tire with a brush after dabbing in the water and liquid soap mixture. You want to clean the bike pedals too.

Also, grab a clean cloth and water sprayer. Then, pull the trigger of the water sprayer in the bike frame and wipe them with the clean cloth to dry out.

Make sure all the bike parts are free from the mud, grass, and moisture. You can also use the wet wipes to clean the bike frames, seat, and handlebars. After cleaning the bike in the right way, run to the next step.

Remove Some Parts to Insert Comfortably

Then, you want to remove the bike parts one by one to insert the bike easily. If you remove the bike parts separately, it’ll help your vehicle to load well for carrying parts easily in any small space.

For that reason, you want to get rid of the front wheel by removing it from the bike. When you are removing it make sure to do it carefully and slowly to avoid damaging the other parts. After you have removed the front wheel, make sure to store it in the trunk.

You also want to place the front wheel with awareness to avoid slam or crash the trunk hinges down on it. On top of that, make sure to set the chain on the small ring.

You want to be sure there is no grease snag that is occurring to your vehicle for the bike chain. So, try to put the chain on the small ring.

Place the Bike in a Big Vehicle

Another thing that is essential for you to think of before lacing the bike is the size of it. In fact, the bike size should be small enough so that it could fit into your vehicle easily.

As you won’t be using any rack, it’s vital to focus out the size of it to balance in the vehicle rightly. So, before placing the bike you want to make sure the size is right for your vehicle. If your vehicle is big and good for the bike to fit, rush to the next process.

Position the Bike

The next thing you want to do after separating the bike front wheel is to position the bike. You see if you gently position the bike so that it saves some space in your vehicle to fit easily.

To turn it in the right position, you want to softly place the bike on the floor or any non-driving side road to rest the bike making the seat front-side in the ground.

After you have placed the bike on the ground, make the left pedal in 12’o clock position so that the bike even out on the backseat. Then, insert a clean cloth under the pedal to get rid of the stain on the seat. Again, insert a cloth under the fork dropouts to avoid the filths.

Put the Bike Inside or On Top the Vehicle

After that, you want to place your bike inside or top of the vehicles. You can place the bike on top of your vehicle yet there is a small chance of damage to ruin the bike frames by sun direct heat. But you can carry the bike on top of your vehicle in the wintery season.

If you want to place your bike inside the vehicle, then make sure to insert the bike by opening the vehicle back door. Also, bend the backseat of your vehicle so that it can space up a bit. If you are pacing the bike inside your vehicle, you want to follow the next step.

Close the Back Door of Your Car

Next, you want to close your vehicle door to finish the step. Make sure you have fitted the bike in a secure manner and then close the door.


So, now you know how to transport a bike without a rack. Honestly, we think you should give the idea of buying a bike rack some thought. Even if it’s possible to transport the bike without a rack, that’s still putting your equipment in some heavy risk. And that type of gamble isn’t very encouraging.

In absolutely no way, use this guide and pay extra attention to not mess things up. But if it is possible, then go get yourself an appropriate bike rack for the sake of safety.


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