How to Turn Off Peloton Screen Once You Are Done?

How to turn off peloton screen

Indoor cycling is now more popular than never. And why won’t it be! There are so many flexibility users get to enjoy it. clearly, the peloton has become super trendy since there’s no gym membership charge to pay or attending spin classes with intense pressure in a person.

All you need to do is enjoy the interactive screen that shows cycling classes and follow them from the comfort of your living room. However, throughout your peloton journey, you’ll find different questions surfing in your head from time to time.

And one such common confusion can be about how to turn off peloton screen after finishing the sessions.

Let’s Know How to Turn Off Peloton Screen Easily.

By now, you should have guessed that we are here to talk about this “extremely simple but yet confusing to few” matter in-depth. From this point, we will be routed towards the entire process.

Turn Off the Live Classes

If you want to learn how to turn off Peloton screen, the first thing to consider is to turn off the live or other mood classes.

For turning off the live classes, competition mood, or on-demand lessons, you want to exit simply by finishing your workout that will be no longer than 1 hour. You can also exit simply by pressing the back button or closing the live class tab.

After you have exited the live classes, make sure you have cleared all the things in the right way. Now, get on the home screen of your Peloton monitor and follow the next processes.

Log Out to Your Peloton Account

The next step is you want to log out your Peloton account rightly before turning off the screen for safe and secure sign out. It is quite simple if you do this process in the right manner.

For that, you want to log off by going to your profile section. After going to your Peloton account profile, you will find the logout option. If your peloton account doesn’t have a log off option, then you can leave it logged in.

You can also remove your account from the device if needed. When logging out make sure, your network connection is stable to do this step faster. After logging out to your Peloton account, you want to head to the next step.

Disconnect the Wi-Fi or Ethernet Network

Then, go to the settings option that you will find in the right corner of your Peloton screen. After you have reached to the settings bar, click on that. Wait until you see the Wi-Fi & Network section that will be located on the top surface.

There is also another short-cut way to reach to your Wi-Fi that you will find on the right top section. If you see the Wi-Fi sign click on that and wait until it shows the connected or disconnected bar of it.

There you can easily disconnect to the network. To disconnect, press the Wi-Fi and wait for a while the press the disconnect bar until you see it is not activated.

However, if your network is connected via Ethernet, then you want to go to the settings. There you’ll see the Ethernet right next to the Wi-Fi bar then click on it and press on again to cut off the connection. Make sure your router or wall jack that has been in use is connected rightly to disconnect easily.

After some time, you’ll see that the network is disconnected automatically. And then, follow the next step.

Power off Your Peloton Bike

After that you have done disconnecting your local or personal network, make sure to power off the Peloton bike in the right way. To power off your Peloton bike, you want to hold the power button for at least 2 seconds that will cause the screen to shut down easily.

Make sure the Peloton screen is not in the sleep mood that will indicate it hasn’t powered off rightly. If in any case, the Peloton bike goes to sleep mood, make sure you have pressed the power button to power down and do it for no more than 2 seconds.

After you have pressed, there will be an option popping on the Peloton screen Shut Down. You want to select the Shut Down bar to manually powered off. Once you have shut down the Peloton screen, go to the final step.

Plug Out the Peloton Bike

Before exiting your room, you have one last step to follow to make sure both the Peloton bike and screen are safely turned off. In this step, you want to plug off the Peloton bike wire in the right manner.

To plug out your Peloton bike, make sure you have switched off the button for plugging safely. After turning off the button, you want to plug out the power cord into the wall jack.

Make sure you have plugged out the wire from the power jack that has been attached at the back of the bike. After plugging all the cords, try adjusting the seat and handlebar height. Also, adjust the seat depth to fishing the process faster.

Wrap Up.

And that was all about how to turn off peloton screen. It’s simple right? To be honest, with regular interaction, you’ll get used to these temporary confusions and find the solutions on the go.

Just make sure you spend enough time to dedicate yourself when the sessions are going. Your goals for fitness or weight loss aims all depend on this one factor and that’s your determination. So, make sure you focus on building your mindset and also your routines.

We hope you reach your fitness goals in a healthy manner and pleasing way.


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