How To Use Peloton Bike Without Subscription? (Full Guide)

Peloton subscription provides thousand of in-demand classes range from 5 to 90 minutes. Also, You can take the help of a professional trainer and much more features. That makes it an ideal subscription for a workout warrior.

But, The subscription fee isn’t pleasant. It’ll cost around $500 each year. For this, You might want to know how to use a peloton bike without a subscription.

In this article, I’ll provide a brief overview of how you can use this without subscription and its alternative.

How To Use Peloton Bike Without Subscription

Can You Use Peloton Bike Work Without Subscription?

Yes, you can use peloton bike without subscription but find several limitations. In the free version, You get access to 3 pre-recorded classes along with just the ride feature. Also, You can attend on-demand live classes on the touchscreen.

The ride feature allows you to track metrics like calories burned, resistance, kilojoules, and more. But, Those metrics won’t save in the leaderboard and your rider profile.

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How To Use Peloton Bike Without Subscription?

Okay, now you know that you can ride a Peloton bike without a subscription. Here is the complete guide on how you can use it. 

Important Equipment:

  • Stable Internet connection
  • Workout Equipment along with bike or tread, such as earphones, HRM.

Step 1: Power On The Touchscreen

Firstly, You need to make sure your Peloton bike or tread is connected with the power source. You’ll find a power jack at the rear of the Peloton bike. Connect it with the power cord. Then, You need to attach the power supply to the socket. You’ll notice a LED green light turn on. 

Press the power button to power it on, which is located at the back of the touchscreen. Now, It’ll ask you to connect it with an internet connection and Pop up the available WIFI network. You can identify your WIFI connection and connect it.

Step 2: Get Access Pre-Recorded Classes

They’ll ask you to register. If you haven’t any plan to take a subscription in the future, then skip this option. You need to choose the workout type you like most, such as meditation, running, cycling, yoga, etc.

On the screen, You’ll get access to three pre-recorded classes and live classes just for riding. Though You get access to fewer classes, you can get gross metrics of ride class. That is more than enough for a free subscription.

Those free classes are very efficient for a beginner and help to familiarize with the basics of a peloton class. 

Step 3: Ready For Session 

Now All set, You can enjoy your free workout lesson and do your desired workout without any cost. Whenever you want to join the workout classes, follow the same steps. 

What Are The Alternative To Peloton Subscription?

The monthly cost of a peloton subscription is $39. The exclusive feature of this subscription is the live metrics tracking which is only for bike or tread owners. 

But, For the overpricing issue, You might wonder whether there is any other alternative. Yes, there have. You can use the Peloton Digital app, which costs $13 per month. After installing the app, you can get a one-month free trial. 

Also, The price varies according to your profession, and you’ll get an extra discount. But, You can’t track the live workout metrics by using the Peloton Digital App.

Is Peloton Worth It Without a Subscription?

It depends on what is your plan. If you need the motivation to stay focused and want to interact with more people like you, you definitely need the subscription. 

Also, Its membership provides you a lot of value which you won’t find in a free subscription. If you’re a newbie in the workout life, you should grab the subscription and worthy for you.

But, If you don’t want motivation to stay focus and don’t have time to attend classes regularly, you can avoid the subscription. It doesn’t create any problem for you.

If you concern about the monthly cost, my recommendation will be to invest in a less expensive bike compare to a peloton.

Can I Pause or Cancel the Peloton Subscription Any Time?

Several reasons can impact your workout life, and you need to give up for few times. If the duration is 1 to 3 months, then you can pause the subscription. 

According to company policy, the process starts from the end of the current billing month. During the hold period, You can’t attend any of the classes.

When you’re again ready to use, then you can simply resume the subscription on a new month. But, If the duration is more than three months, then canceling will be better. In both cases, You don’t need to pay extra charges.

Frequently Asked Question

Is It Possible To Use Peloton on Just Ride Mode?

Yes, It’s possible to use just Ride Mode. You can use this feature as long as you’re a free user.  But, If you activate the subscription and log in to the dashboard, you don’t find access to this feature.

You need to unhide this feature to use because you can’t find an option to use it from the main class library. You’ll find this on the “More” option. There you’ll get two options. Among them, one is “Just Ride/Run.” After selecting it, You can work out as long as you want without coaching.

Does each Peloton Bike need a membership?

No, If you are using those bikes at the same time. But, You can use a single membership in two or more bikes as long as there is no chance of overlapping. 

But, It’s quite impossible that have two bikes, and your family member or far friend waits for your exercise to finish and then they use their bike. 

So, It’s better to have a subscription for each bike if those are used simultaneously.

Is It Possible To Use Any Model Of Peloton Without Subscription?

Yes, You can use any peloton bike or tread model without any problem except lacking a few important features. In the free subscription, You can interact with an instructor and attend on-demand live classes without any problem.

What are Peloton scenic rides?

The Peloton scenic rides for making the workout more pleasant and adventurous. If you want a real-life experience when riding the Peloton, then this mode is perfect for you. You can access inspiring routes where you get access 232 scenic rides around the world. 

Do you need a Peloton Bike to use the app?

You don’t need to own a Peloton bike to use the app. Just install it on your tablet, phone, or PC and enjoy the outstanding feature without owning any product of peloton. The digital app fee is also cheaper than other subscriptions.

Final Words

Peloton is one of the best renowned brands which allow you to take the studio workout feeling when you’re home. To provide a better experience, they introduce a membership subscription. It includes many features which provide a better experience.

But, The subscription is pretty high for this many peloton users who don’t want to use the subscription. Also, They want to know how to use a peloton without a subscription. If you’re one of them, I hope you already got your answer from the above sections. Also, I answered some common questions you might have in your head.

If you have more questions regarding the peloton bike subscription, let’s discuss it in the comment section.