Light Touring On A Bicycle – How To Prepare Properly?

Light touring on a bicycle can be the best solution for making an enjoyable short and frequent bike tours within short times. Light touring refers to the bike design and the weight capacity it can bear.

A medium or lightweight bike Novara is best for light touring under 30lbs. Weight is perfectly going with light traveling. Light touring allows small gear during tours.

If you want to know a complete guide on light touring, then stay with my post. I will discuss several views visiting speeds, preparation of light touring, and safety tips as well. Let’s know the details.

Light Touring With Trek Touring Bike

Trek touring bike is a long-distance touring bike. The stainless-steel materials rack and mudguards included bike works great for short touring. You can quickly complete a light tour from the city to the desert or mountain.

Though trek touring bicycles are generally using for the more substantial and long-term journey but yet it performs best on the light traveling. All requirements of a short tour have into a trek visiting. So, you can enjoy your holiday with a trek visiting bike like me.

Most Needed Gear for Touring Bike

As we have lived in a natural environment, we may face rain, sun, or cold conditions. That’s why we should prepare before starting a light touring. I enlist here must need essential gear during the touring on a bicycle.

Conveniently, light touring doesn’t need many more things than other long touring. But of course, you have to carry the things which you have badly needed

Necessary tools:

Some of your tools are vital in any case of light or heavy touring. However, you do not have to carry any heavier equipment for light traveling on a bike. Only a few emergency small parts need to keep in your bag at all times.

The tools that you must take with you are: screwdrivers, spoke tools, chain breaker, and various sizes spanners. You can also have tire levers, patches, tapes, and scissors.

Things like inner tubes and tires will not be required for your light touring. But you will need in an emergency case; you can pick up somewhere. Because of, you have the basics gear.

Light touring Camping Gear:

In the case of light touring, you can manage short camping. For this reason, you have to carry a few lightweight camping equipment. You can take something light to relax.

Most of the travelers are not using a tent on light touring. But it is good to carry a small canvas like four seasons. A sleeping bag is entirely optional in this case.

Cooking Gear:

It’s not a matter of heavy cooking. But a small multi-fuel stove will be useful for preparing or heating your light meals on the road. Most people who like light touring are satisfied with using MSR whisper lite. So, it will be great for your trip.

Clothing Gear:

Clothing type and style are entirely depending on you choose and comfort. But some items are best to carry with you. A good waterproof rain jacket is essential to prevent sudden rain or cold.

How to prepare for light touring on a bicycle

Packing all your essential things, physical and mental preparation is essential in visiting. For several years I have been cycling. I understand how helpful a pre-preparation is, and I am sharing it with you today. These pre-tips will help you.

Make a tour plan:

Whenever you have decided to go a light tour, think before few days and fixed a tour spot. For the reason that, it works as mental preparation. Similarly, if you want to tour with a partner, then discuss your partner about the place and confirm he also agrees with this spot.

Moreover, research the areas where you will go. If it is a wet area, prepare yourself as like that. On the other hand, Change your plan for icy weather or summer season.

Contact method:

If you go with a group, you must share your cell number. The reason of, anybody can lose his group. But they can connect again regroup by a cell number.

Make it easy for your friends or family members to know your route in case of an emergency. I wish you can create check-in after a few periods.

Gear Packing Time:

Pack your gear shortly before you go to touring. Avoiding carrying heavy objects for light travelling. Also, you should avoid the strapping outside of the bag pack. In these cases, saddlebags and tank bags are suitable for carrying your gears. Keep some free space into the bag so that you can trash the jackets later.

Keep a first aid kit box:

Minor accidents are a natural thing at light touring. Keep the basics of first aid for emergency treatment. At the same time, learn how to use the kits. Better yet, if you take a CPR course from the local Red Cross Office.

Carry the bicycle manual:

It is better to keep the bicycle manual with your bike. Because of, often you may feel several problems to ride. The manual guides help you a lot.

Things you should carry on the body during light touring

You certainly want your light travelling to be very comfortable and enjoyable. The following things you should take on your body for the best light touring experience.

  • Leather jacket and Leather riding hand gloves
  • Riding boots with a waterproof cover
  • Comfortable jeans and helmet
  • Parachute Fabric t-shirt
  • Wallet, cell phone, torch and camera

Best bicycle for light touring

Not all touring bikes are suitable for light travelling. Light touring has several features which are best only on the road. Similarly, it has narrow tires and narrow wheels.

A light touring bike generally comes with fast riding. Anyway, I share a few best budget touring bike bicycles for light touring. I am sure you can enjoy your tour with these bicycles.

  • Adventure Flat White light touring bike
  • Dawes Galaxy 2020 touring bicycle
  • Kona Sutra 2020
  • Surly Disc Trucker 2020
  • Ridgeback Panorama 2019
  • Jamis Renegade Escapade.
These above items are my favorite. Whenever I tend to go on a short tour, then I have gone with one of them.

Safety Tips

  • Following some general safety tips will be the best approach to light travelling. Besides, it will save you from several unexpected hassles.
  • Make an experimental inspection with your touring bicycle before you leave for the tour
  • Make sure all the features of your bike are working correctly.
  • If there are any errors, correct them before starting your touring.
  • Wear eye protection, helmet, hand gloves and boots to protect yourself.
  • Make a ride on the staggered formation and check the ride condition.
  • For the first time light touring with a group, you must specify a location when the group and take the experience from them to make a big trip in the next.
Keep the body hydrated; most riders can suffer from the wind and sun. Don’t feel thirsty. Drink proper amount of water before touring so that you won’t face dehydration.
  • Use well-ventilated clothing, and you can use a cold rag on your neck during touring.
  • For modern bicycle, you can activate the music button as well as set up the GPS destination while tend to ride on the highway.
  • Try to wear reflective clothes. For example, you can take a vest type cloth-like me. It is helpful than other fabrics.


1) Can a road bike be used for touring?

Yes! There are usually several types of bikes using for touring. Some bicycles have been made specifically for travelling. Except for racing bike, the most significant motorcycle can make light travelling. As the same weight, comfort and using process all have in a general road bike.

2) Are gravel bikes suitable for touring?

A gravel bike is not mainly for gravel. Mostly, it is using for sport and specialized touring bike. So, you can make light travelling you’re your gravel bike as well as it will work as a long-distance community bike.

3) How much does light bike touring cost?

Touring costs is mainly depending on camping and cooking for oneself. As you are a light bicycle traveler, usually you don’t like camp or any more massive food for the short tour. So, you have not spent a lot. It is Up to 15-20$ is enough for per light tour.

4) What are the differences between a touring and hybrid bike?

The main distinction between a touring bike and hybrid touring bike that It Is in the wheels. Typically, Hybrid wheels are 700cc and comparatively less performance. On the other hand, a touring bike wheel is very durable and easy to move on any rough terrains. 

Final words:

Light touring on a bicycle is becoming more popular in a busy life. Planning, according to the right rules, will make a light touring enjoyable for each of your holidays. I suggest choosing the right bike, taking pre-preparation and following the safety tips.

I believe that you will be benefitted by following my above guides. If you have anything more to know, comment in the box. If this post is informative, then you can share with others.

Wish you a happy touring!