NordicTrack s22i Vs. Peloton -Which Excersize Bike You Need?

Both the bikes are designed for experienced riders who are looking to take their exercise to the next level. These bikes offer some unique features which seem lucrative. You can also train up yourself using the Peloton vs. Nordictrack treadmill.

Treadmill technology provides to avoid a tough choice for the exercise bike. If you go through the writings of Nordictrac s22i vs. Peloton, you’ll understand the features of the bikes look quite similar. Also, both of the bikes allow personal training and grading system according to your workout.

Now, you will know about the differences between the fitness bikes, which may help you to compare between them. You will find various features comparison, technical specifications, and the construct quality of the bikes. Form the comparisons, and you may select the better one for your fitness training according to your choice.

Features Comparison Between Nordic Track s22i Vs. Peloton

For choosing the better one of these two, you have to know the details of the fitness bikes. That’s why now I’ll tell you about the details of every feature of them.

Skeleton design

Both of the skeletons are made with high-quality metal. So, there is no issue of the weak frame and less durability. So, you can consider them as strong and sturdy. Also, both of them are comfortable for carrying heavyweight. That’s why Nordictrack s22i and Peloton has not much difference in frame design.


There is little difference in footprint between them. This is not a huge difference but could be a deciding factor for you. The footprint of the Peloton is half of a foot shorter in length. It takes a little bit less space. This is not the advantage of the Peloton. But shorter footprints seem comfortable for some people.

Resistance Ability

Resistance ability of a fitness bike is an essential issue before choosing the bike. Form the writings of Nordictrac vs. Peloton Reddit, will tell you that the mechanism of the resistance of these two bikes is entirely different. But believe me, they have quite a similar device. Both of the bikes have powerful magnets, which moves toward and afar form the metal flywheel. That makes the revolving of pedal either harder or easier.

From the Nordictrack S22i review, you’ll find a 24-step digital controller as a helping hand to adjust the pedal speed. Also, you can do this with the help of 22 inches touch screen. This digital adjustment allows S22i to simulate 20% incline and 10% decline hills.

A knob is connected with the magnets through a mechanical linkage. If you rotate the knob, the magnets will move in the same way as the digital control system of S22i. This is how Peloton offers the finest bike resistance in the fitness bike. But you have to take your eyes from the display screen and make the required adjustments.


Both of the bikes offer live training classes and a real trainee. That’s why you don’t need to go to a crowded local gym. You will be able to do it in your own home. That’s why I’m telling you these bikes have little differences between them in every way.

Do you remember I’ve told you about the digital control in the Nordictrack? This remote digital control system allows your instructor to control your bike resistance as well as incline settings. That ensures your attention during the workout session.

Also, this remote-control feature is much helpful for the beginner. The most useful thing in the subscription plan in Nordictrack is, it offers a free membership “I SET COACH” for the first twelve months you bought the bike.

The Peloton, on the other side, offers manual adjustment. But Peloton provides a hi-tech technology named HUGE cult, which allows measuring the best and practical training session of you among the all training session. There is no free subscription for Peloton.

Cost Comparison

Here I’ll let you know the price difference of Peloton vs. Nordictrack classes. So firstly, I am going to show you the cost of these two bikes. They seem similar upfront, but there are a couple of things that are going to up the Peloton for you if they are not prepared.

Nordictrack S22i costs one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars. There’s also a white glove assembly. So, you have to pay even the assembly price of two hundred and forty-nine dollars.

One the other hand, the Peloton bike costs one thousand nine hundred and ninety-five dollars. But it requires two hundred and fifty dollars for white glove assembly.

From the price comparison, you can quickly realize that they are similar in the cost.

Which One Is Better Between Nordic Track s22i and Peloton?

So far, I am discussing the features of the bikes. It’s time to come for a decision. Before making a decision, I’ll let you know the top differences between them.

Peloton Nordictrack
Footprint 121 cm long and 60 cm wide. 139.7 cm long and 53.34 cm wide
Skeleton Steel steel
Revolving console no yes
Screen 22 inches HD touch screen 22 inches HD touch screen
Incline no yes
Subscription plan First 12 months for free No free subscription.
Initial cost $2248 $2213

Form the comparison table, and you can easily differentiate the best fitness bike. Yes, between these two, Nordictrack costs less and offer a free subscription plan for 12 months. That’s why Nordictrack S22i will be a better option for you.


Is Nordictrack better than Peloton?

 – Nordictrack is more affordable than Peloton. For the cost reason, obviously, Nordictrack is better than Peloton. You will find Nordictrack s22i for sale amazon.

Does the peloton bike incline?

 – Ni, the Peloton bike doesn’t incline. It is a classic fitness bike that has soundless magnetic resistance and with a large touchscreen. You can government the resistance of the bike by revolving the knob.

Does Peloton use iFit like Nordictrack?

 – The Peloton bike has a subscription plan for live classes like iFit. But it doesn’t use iFit like Nordictrack. There have few differences between the ifit vs. peloton app.

Final Note

There have little differences between Peloton vs Nordictrack vs echelon. These bikes have not many variations in the feature. It’s up to you which one you like to buy. But ensure that the bike has the features I’ve told you here.