Peloton Vs Flywheel – Which Is Better Indoor Bike Alternative?

People are very much smart to think about their health. They always look for a bike which has offered smart technologies.

Peloton bike provides many features, and for practicing, they are offering an app. Where you can get your fitness, instruction classes. That’s what Flywheel has come with peloton app alternatives.

Both of these fitness bikes are offering hi-tech instruments and setup. That’s why their head to head comparison can show us the little differences between them. Yes, they have slight differences, but both of them are very much essential for your fitness.

Here I am going to discuss Peloton vs. Flywheel. I’ll let you know the features they are offering and the live classes of the bikes. That’ll help you to understand which one will be fit for your home gym.

What Peloton Offers Us

You already knew how fantastic the Peloton bike is. It has an extraordinary and unique design and offers multipurpose things to do.

Frame design

The frame is made with steel that is welded together. This design is durable and versatile. Also, the model has a strong and sturdy look that suits your home quickly. That’s why the Peloton bike has more demand.


You already know that during the training session, how much important is the Bluetooth connectivity. You have to join with another device for measuring your heart rate or many values that you Peloton don’t offer. That’s why a strong and seamless connection is needed, and Peloton is offering it.

Twenty Fours Training Class

Users want to practice with classes. For their demand, Peloton has come with 24 hours live fitness class. The types will give you proper instructions on how to practice and when to practice. Also, these 24 hours classes help the person who comes home late at night after finish their job.

Suitable seat and handlebars

The technologies your Peloton bike is offering it doesn’t seem a matter when the seating and handlebar are uncomfortable.

That’s why peloton bike offers customizable seating and strong handlebars which help to keep continue the session for a long time.

Touch Screen

Nowadays, the touch screen has got the main attraction of the customer. The live classes and the necessary information you need to see during the fitness session have to be crystal clear. That’s why a suitable screen is required.

Peloton is offering 21.5 inches touch screen monitor. As a rider, you will get a great experience to see everything on the screen when you are sitting on the bike.

Video Chat

Imagine you are doing your fitness session at the same time you are also consulting a trainee. Yes, this is beyond your imagination, and exactly Peloton is offering it. This feature pushes Peloton an upper level of professionalism.

What Flywheel Offers Us

Here comes the time for consulting with you some features of flywheel bike. As a like echelon bike, Flywheel bike has some determining and unique features. For keeping the market place in their hands, Flywheel is trying to make the fitness bike fascinating in their way.

Built-in Tablet

Flywheel bike offers a built-in tablet, which is 15.6 inches. This tablet is effortless to use and very much interactive. You don’t have to sit on your bike only to train yourself, and you can see your performance through the tablet.

Wifi Connection

This feature is unbelievable for a fitness bike. You can make easy to connect the tablet with your Wifi connection. That’s why Flywheel is quick enough to pick up the signal and ensures the best connectivity among the fitness bikes.

The Unique Type Of Pedals

You can do your exercise with the fitness bike doesn’t mean that the bike is perfect for you. If you have any experience of using different fitness bikes, then you’ll understand how important to put out the stress from the during exercise.

The Flywheel is offering the Look delta compatible pedals, which will help you to put out the stress and get rid of loses of energy.

Frame Design

The Flywheel is made with stainless steel and offering a sturdy body frame. That’s why you can feel comfortable about your weight as it has no risk of break down.

Magnetic Interference

You can adjust your par according to workout need with the help of magnetic interference. This is considering the most user-friendly feature as you don’t have to waste your energy using the wrong settings.

Which One Is Better: Peloton Vs Flywheel?

So far, I am discussing the features of the bikes. It’s time to come for a decision. Before making a decision, I’ll let you know the top differences between them.

Peloton Flywheel
Screen size 21.5 inches 15.6 ( built-in tablet)
Connectivity Bluetooth Wifi
Pedals type Normal Look Delta compatible
Live Video chat Possible Not possible
Price More Expensive Less Expensive
From the comparison table, you have seen that both the bike has little difference, but Flywheel can be a good option for you.


Which is a better alternative between flywheel vs. SoulCycle?

The flywheel is better for a beginner. On the other hand, SoulCycle has the required experience. Moreover, Flywheel offers more workout and fitness, and SoulCycle becomes more fun.

How much is a flywheel bike?

If you are going to get Flywheel anywhere, you can get two types of sale plan. The model, which has no built-in monitor costs $1,699. On the other hand, the Flywheel bike with the tablet will cost $2,099. Both of them have a monthly subscription plan, which costs $39.

Does Echelon bike has any subscription plan?

Yes, Echelon has a subscription plan. You can use the bike with the help of the Echelon app and subscription plan. If you go through Echelon vs. Peloton, you’ll understand why Peloton is a better alternative.

Has Peloton any offer on black Friday?

Yes, there are offers for Peloton black Friday. That’s why Peloton attracts many customers.


For maintaining your fitness, both Flywheel and the Peloton offers exclusive features. But if you want to choose according to your budget, then you have to go through every detail of the bike. Also, you have to care about the using of the fitness bike. It is up to you which exercise bike you’ll buy.