Road Bike Pedal Types for Different Riding Styles

So you are enough excited now about the road bike pedal types? Great, there are so many types of pedals available in the market.

But all are not popular you know. We researched and got the main types of bike pedals.

Here, we disclosed them all in detail below as well as we give our team’s overall recommendation according to your demands. By the way, let’s check them out!

Most Common Road Bike Pedal Types

There might be various reasons for you to jump in this saddle. But choosing the correct type of pedal can make a huge difference in your riding style.

Road bike pedals are mainly 3 types and these are:

  1. Platform/Flat Pedals
  2. Clipless Pedals
  3. Dual Platform Pedals

Let me breakdown these most common three road bike pedal types that are hugely popular among bikers.

It’s going to be a fun ride with the pros and cons as well. Let’s go!

Platform/Flat Bike Pedals

Flat Pedals

Okay, so the first type of bike road pedal is known as platform bike pedals or simply flat pedals.

These are basically the pedals you had on your first bike probably. With excellent surface support, this type can make any shoe comfortable with it. You can’t use this with clipless shoes, however.

The modern versions are high quality with features like replaceable pins, moisture and grime resistance, locked bearings and lightweight materials.

There is a huge number of downhill mountain bikers who love the design with their specially designates shoe types.

Because of the sufficient grip providence and also excellent control feature, this type can save a life when there is a sudden crash.

Unlike the clipless version, it provides enough confidence to avoid any mishap.

It’s Good Because:
  • You can mate it with any type of footwear.
  • It helps to prevent dreaded tip-over hugely.
  • Gives enough flexibility to put your foot down instantly.
  • It’s affordable and beginner-friendly.
Some negatives:
  • Sometimes, the pedal stroke becomes uncontrollably less powerful, so you become quite slow in speed.
  • No foot attaching system, so you might face foot flying off or pedal smacking in.

Clipless Pedals

Clipless Pedals

You must have heard about the old and traditional version with a toe-clip setup. The clipless version basically evolved out of it.

The older version was more likely depended on clip and strap. This use to keep your foot on the pedal.

While, in the road bike clipless pedals, the cleat is used to keep your mechanism similar to the ski binding. It was used to keep the shoe and pedal engaged with each other while fastening the sole.

The mechanism worked something like this. You need to clip pedals, step on it, push the foot forward or downwards and the cleat starts to engage. Once you rotate it outwards, it released your foot.

Maximum clipless pedals for road bikes use a similar mechanism and technology. However, you are still going to notice lots of variety of designs and constructions. The same goes for the price range.

It’s Good Because:
  • The most efficient design pedals.
  • It saves you energy while traveling a long distance.
  • It gives you better speed.
  • During turns and rough terrain riding, you can transfer weight conveniently.
Some Negatives:
  • Somewhat costly.
  • You need time to adapt to the riding style.
  • To a few riders, it might be a little tricky to handle.

Dual Platform Pedals

Dual Platform Pedals

If you want to enjoy the best from both categories, then dual-platform pedals are what you need.

You can simply switch the styles at any moment and so it’s a lot more convenient than the other two types of pedals.

You simply don’t have to engage in any manual gear changing process at all. It’s a matter of moment actually.

Also, the pedal type is quite suitable for maximum platform design. You don’t have to worry about the shoe type. It’s simple to bail out whenever there is a need.

This is possibly the best choice for riders who don’t want to get limited with one specific style of riding.

It makes room for any riding need and provides super convenience to users. Also, your same type of bike will start to provide any riding style with only this one change of pedal.

It’s Good Because:
  • You can choose the pedal based on your footwear.
  • No matter what terrain, you can easily swap the pedal style.
  • It’s relatively affordable considering the specs.
  • It’s a perfect choice for riders who wants to change from their one type of pedal mechanism.
Some Negatives:
  • The weight of this mechanism is quite heavy and bulky compared to other types.

The Best Option?

Depending on different scenarios, I’ll have to announce different winners or being best.

However, due to the flexibility of maintaining in any situation, I think the dual-platform version seems the most efficient type of pedals.

If you are a beginner then go for the hybrid version that allows both flat and clipless pedals.

However, those who do regular cycling sports can opt for the clipless version. For folks who just need a good grip and durability, a flat pedal will do enough.


So, these were the most common road bike pedal types. Each of them comes with own specs and features that suit different riding style.

Your job is to understand what type basically gives you the features that you want in your pedaling style.

It’s not a tough decision but you surely need to do some good background research before buying any model.

There are plenty of options available online and there are some really worth-the-deal picks you can go for.

Make your choice smartly with enough consideration. Time for me to say goodbye. I’ll catch you for some new topic soon, till then have a good day!