Soulcycle Vs. Peloton – Which Is Better Form Of Indoor Cycling?

Soulcycle and peloton both are popular in terms of beauty and quality. Even I love these two exercise cycles. Now I know why both are attractive to all. But many people are a concern while choosing one. What will be better for them? It would help if you wanted a cycle in terms of your needs.

So you have to know the internal features of those cycles help you to make a decision. I am sharing my experience on Soulcycle vs. peloton, which one will be the perfect choice for you. Let me solve your all confusion with my ultimate comparison guide on soul cycle guide and peloton.

Soulcycle Vs. Peloton In Comparision Table

Would you love to know the main comparison between soulcycle and peloton? For your better understanding, I have made this table with core differences between these two devices.

Soulcycle Peloton
1. Soulcycle is a indoor cycling class with a group for improve your physical, mental and cardiocal health. 1. Peloton is a spin bike cycling for indoor  physical excercise with online guidelines.
2. You will find an instructor in the soulcycle live class. 2. You will get a remote instructor with online class.
3. You don’t need any apps to join with a class. 3. You will need to install an app and create a profile to use a peleton bike
5. you have to buy single class and pay as per each class 5. You have to pay up to 2000$ to buy this device and also have to pay monthly subscription fee.
6. You have to attend the class on specific time. 6. You can attend the class several classes schedules.
7. It has flywheel but have not touchscreen 7. It has come with flywheel and touchscreen


Soulcycle bike is using for an indoor physical exercise class with other participants and under a worthy teacher. Typically, this bike used by following some unique methods. Besides, a guide creates a candlelit environment with a high volume pop song.

Soulbike can give physical, mental, and spiritual development. As a result, the rider can continue their cycling with more inspiration.

On the other hand, a peloton is an updated indoor cycle for exercise, which comes with a beautiful touch screen. Most importantly, peloton screen works for attending live indoor cycling classes. So you can enjoy your use even though you stay at home.


Speaking of design, both the soul bike and the peloton deserve praise. Peloton class most like soulcycle but main difference into the touchscreen. The villency group has designed the soul cycle. It has a split and comfortable seat. Straightforward design with one place, two paddles, and two sturdy handles. Instead, it has a durable workout power for long time battery quality.

Similarly, the peloton cycle comes with faster working power. In the peloton, you will get a larger touch screen includes with it. By this screen, a rider can attend an online class. Mostly its design and technological features help a rider to burn the calories and increase energy. Moreover, give you an inspirational course with distance guidelines.


Peloton is most famous for its beautiful and convenient features. First of all, it provides all of the cycling advantages like another casual indoor riding device.

Secondly, it has the power of an online class and can connect with WIFI and Bluetooth headphones. Similarly, it has a system of giving a good or bad rating during an online live streaming class.

A rider can see their power, cycling time, amount of burned calories, and heartbeat rate. A registered profile system, the rider can hold all of the data about you.

In terms of soul cycle, the bright yellow and white colour make it gorgeous. Besides, it has long-lasting workout time and DJ sound system — up to 45 minutes’ workout time with the several producers. The sitting, moving, and standing ride make you a new experience of whole-body exercise together.


One of the notable convenient of the peloton is that; someone can re-attend his or her class if they cannot maintain a proper schedule or miss the specific program. In this term, the rider can get class access. Because of increasing its demand, peloton company has included some extra features like yoga, meditation and boot camp. As a home tool, you can save your travel time. Besides, you can join a class from morning till night.

It is overall best for a busy life schedule. On the other hand, soul cycle has a combination of cardio and strength increasing training. So you are getting a chance to exercise for your cardiac as well as physical fitness. Besides, this indoor cycle can torch 500 to 700 calories per hour. You will follow the change your life with a soul cycle


A peloton bike can’t give a rider face to face instruction. Besides, it would help if you managed enough and suitable place inside your home. It is not possible to practice with a high-quality pop song with high volume because another member of the house may feel disturbed for this. It is ultimately a little bit expensive.


As a soul cycle works as an organizer, so you have to pay as per the organization’s price. You have to expense up to 39$ for a single class. But 3$ shoe putting rate and 2$ water bottle cost is including into this 39$. Keep in mind that the soul cycle does not offer any membership. It always believes in the soul cycle revenue per year with a single class buying process. You cannot make a commitment to it for the long term. But as much class you want to buy, you can.

On the other hand, a peloton review statics says that peloton needs a minimum 2000$ with a touchscreen. Besides, you have to purchase online membership. It will take up to 40$ for each person. Though the one-time cost is a bit higher, the device will be yours forever.

Which item will be best from soulcycle and peloton?

Though both of two devices is excellent from various features, yet i have one special choice. I have experience in the soulcycle class for about six months. But from the last two years, I was using the peleton indoor bikes to save my energy and time as well as I have the permanent cycling device. So I think that peloton will be useful for you after some experience of live soulcycle class with other guys and instructors.


Can you play Netflix on peloton?

No! you can’t play Netflix, even Hulu on your peloton screen because there was an ongoing embargo to use these types of services. But you may get some standard recreational options

Can you share peloton subscription?

Yes! You can share your peloton subscription with your family members at the same cost.

Final Analysis

So soulcycle vs. peloton, which is a perfect fit for you? I hope after reading my post, you can choose the ideal item. But I want to share with you my opinion about selecting a rider. If you love to exercise with lots of guys and you have enough time to go out of home, then you can choose the soul cycle. Moreover, if you have not enough more time to travel and love to workout personally, then a peloton is perfect for you.